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Folks, as you may or may not have heard, we’re throwing a David Bowie themed party at the National Air & Space Museum on April 12th, in honor of Yuri’s Night, the global day of celebration for mankind’s achievements in space exploration. Let’s get excited for it by reading up on some David Bowie articles, both entry-level and deeper cuts, while we all kill time before the weekend!

To kick us off, let’s find out a bunch of fun Bowie facts, courtesy of the folks at Mental Floss. Good lil pieces of trivia!

The A.V. Club’s Jason Heller went long on David Bowie’s underappreciated influence on the first wave punk scene of the late 1970s. This one’s a great deep dive on the overlap between seemingly incongruous glam and punk aesthetics.

Man I absolutely love this clip of Bowie screwing around in the studio, doing impressions of folks like Iggy Pop, Bruce Springsteen, and Neil Young. Just hilarious stuff. The So So Glows’ Zach Staggers shared it over at The Talkhouse!

This recent piece here at BYT about the influence pop/experimental music legend Scott Walker had on Bowie that doubles as a moving obituary for Walker, who died in late March, is an essential read.

Remember when places would do “what’s on your iPod” type features back when iPods were still a part of our lives? The Guardian did one with Bowie back in 2010, and it shouldn’t surprise you that his selections are wildly diverse, super interesting stuff.

This New York Times piece about Bowie’s presence (or lackthereof) in his longtime home of New York City is insightful and fabulously written.

Dazed & Confused facilitated a really great conversation between Bowie and fashion design icon Alexander McQueen back in 1996 and reposted it in the days following his death in 2016. They’re having a great time with each other and I love it.

Bowie wrote this piece about his favorite LPs for Vanity Fair back in 2003, well before the vinyl resurgence of the late aughts. Some choice picks here, folks!

Back in the message board days of the internet, Bowie goofed on some of his biggest fans, really giving them the business. Here’s a super funny screenshot of one such interaction!