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The most difficult aspect of writing about a new old place is the angle. We usually try to explain how the restaurant or bar or shop fits in to the neighborhood, to the city as a whole. But that question is already answered when we’re looking at a new old place.

Lapop, a cultural salon (coffee shop with books everywhere for purchase (Lapop has partnered with The Lantern with proceeds funding scholarships for women to attend Bryn Mawr College and to fund women’s education in Afghanistan (where the Popal’s are from)) and art gallery space and now cocktail bar), is part of Lapis. Lapis is a modern Afghan restaurant that used to be Napoleon Bistro & Lounge. For 16 years, the corner of Columbia Rd and Mintwood Pl has been occupied by the Popal family. Each iteration of their spaces has been for the best. Lapis turns four this year and remains one of our favorite date spots. We raved about the basement bar last year and will be visiting it again when it’s warm outside (it’s a great escape from the heat). Now Lapop is another cocktail option at 1847 Columbia Ave NW.

Lapop Preview-3110

What to say about a new old space? If you’re already a fan, you’re still going to be a fan. If you’re looking for a coffee shop in a neighborhood that has a half dozen always full coffee shops, you’ll probably still consider Lapop. Now there are well balanced cocktails from Gordon Nester after 6 p.m. Great. Now you don’t have to leave.

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Thanks to Netflix, I’m not thinking about how Lapop fits into Adams Morgan, I’m thinking how it could be the only setting producers of season 2 of Dating Around would need.

This week’s Netflix binge is a dating show. One person goes on five blind dates and picks one of the suitors for one second date. There’s a drink at the bar, a dinner in the restaurant, a dessert or after dinner cocktail at a different restaurant then a second date meet up reveal. The two floors of Lapis and Lapop are the ideal D.C. location for the next season. The meeting could take place before 6 p.m. in Lapop over fancy coffee. The dinner could be in Lapis. The after dinner cocktail would be great in Lapop after 6 p.m. The second date reveal is well suited for the art gallery section of Lapop (The current exhibition is Gordon S.S. Davis II’s Leave me alone). Similar to The Line or Eaton DC, it’s a space where you could spend an entire day.

Regardless of your dating situation, Lapop is an excellent new old place you’ll enjoy in Adams Morgan. And to remind you of their existence, they’ve created another mural, this one by illMuslims, you’ll be seeing on Instagram.

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