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all words and photos by Dakota Fine

Ok, so I’m biased, I’ll admit it. I have traveled with the band, they are my good friends and I’ve photographed them many times. It seems we as photographers often develop a soft spot for particular bands, we are after all human and eventually, friendship taking its toll, we trend towards following and covering the bands we love.

That having been said, U.S. Royalty, is one of DC’s finest, and most closely followed, up-and-coming bands. There is so much of a buzz to these kids that film makers, videographers, record producers, managers, historic mansion owners, and yes, even the Washington Post, are snapping to get a piece.


Following up on the Post’s announcement that USR would be playing the Toutorsky Mansion on Thursday night, the band completely packed the house for a performance that was intended, at least in part, to promote the release of their new video, Rats:

The video itself being quite an impressive piece, I thought the showing could have been executed in a way that probably would have left a lot more of an impression, however, whatever attention the airing of the video lacked was made up for by the sheer exhilaration of the band in their performance. The crowd also, clearly feeling that energy, responded with enthusiasm.

It must be said that there is nothing quite like a house party show. The intimacy, and the energy of the crowd, on top of the band, on top of the crowd, on top of the band, makes for a feeling for those witnessing a sense of immediacy, that you are participating in something truly exceptional. And compound that with the extreme luxury and beauty of the Toutorsky Mansion, and well, you pretty much have a show that I expect to look back upon with great fondness for a long time to come.


DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-133 DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-113


DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-121 DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-151 DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-148 DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-153 DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-157

DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-128 DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-134 DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-131

DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-150 DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-144 DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-143 DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-141 DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-127




DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-158 DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-140 DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-126

DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-123 DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-122 DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-119


DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-136 DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-135


DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-118 DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-115 DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-117 DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-116

And finally, here’s a little video I took during the song “Raincoats,” to give you a little sense of what it felt like to be in the midst of that show.

Young Lords, of New York fame, opened for USR, here are a few shots from their performance:

DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-111 DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-110 DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-109 DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-105 DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-106 DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-104 DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-103 DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-108 DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-101 DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-102 DF09_7.9_USR@Toutorsky-104