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Starting today, Daikaya is now offering a whole bunch of tasty Japanese staples via its new online konbini (mini mart), 11-7 at Daikaya. As the name would imply, you can place your orders between the hours of 11am and 7pm, with scheduled pickups available at Daikaya.

“We are all big fans of Lawson and 7-ELEVEN’s throughout Japan and with very few Asian markets in the District we wanted to be able to offer basic Japanese groceries as well as creative and delicious snack items,” said Executive Chef and Daikaya Group partner Katsuya Fukushima.

There’ll be a bunch of Japanese goods on offer, including Daikaya Group-branded goods, beverages, snacks, candy, specialty flour, rice, Japanese bread from resident Pastry Chef Mary Mendoza, instant soups/noodles, sauces and spices. Additionally, the market will feature a rotating assortment of freshly prepared foods from Chef Katsuya Fukushima and team, including bento, a selection of onigiri, spam musubi, as well as a variety of sandos (Japanese sandwiches with fillings like tuna, egg, katsu and more).

11-7 at Daikaya will be open Wednesday through Sunday (Closed Monday + Tuesday). Ordering will begin at 11am, and orders placed will be ready within a two-hour window with the first available pick-up at 1pm. The last available time to order from the market will be 7pm.