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I’ve never been a great cook, I have zero patience and before I went vegan probably either had take out or picked up food on the way home 4 to 6 nights out of the week. That all changed once I went vegan three years ago. Even only a few years ago there weren’t as many vegan options in Washington D.C. as there are today. The ones that we did have never really had filling meals, and I hated paying for food only to be hungry an hour later.

My best friend Ine, who is the reason I went vegan (she showed me how easy it really is), calls the portion sizes you need to be full “vegan portions”, because they are so much larger than I was used to. There weren’t many places in town, even if they had vegan offerings, that offered true “vegan portions”.

This has completely changed, and the good news is that even in the quarantimes many of the best vegan places in town are open for takeout and delivery, making it easy to get delicious meals delivered straight to you for every budget!

We also sourced additional suggestions from instagram – so check out what the #BYThings had to add!

For some vegetarian takeout recommendations click here!

*Please note – the places listed here as being open and offering takeout and/or delivery was current as of publication, for the most up to date news on a particular restaurant, check their website. 

Fast Casual $-$$

HipCityVeg $
This Philly chain opened in D.C. in 2016, and is a favorite go-to for what I lovingly call “vegan junk food”. Highly recommend their milkshakes, sweet potato fries, and their curry tofu wrap. I’ve tried almost everything on the menu (it’s right across from Smithsonian American Art Museum, where we do a lot of events) and enjoy almost everything.
Status – Open for Takeout/ Delivery – Order Online

Shouk $ – $$
Pillowy pita you can nap on, absolutely delicious hummus, more fantastic sweet potato fried. Shouk is an entirely plant based restaurant you can take non-vegans to and they won’t even realize (or care) they are at a vegan place.
Status – Open for Takeout/ Delivery – Order Online

Pow Pow $
When Pow Pow went entirely plant based it became a truly win-win for everyone. Their asian- inspired bowls are fantastic.
Status – Open for Takeout/ Delivery – Order Online

PLNT Burger $
Spike Mendelsohn opened this animal-product free burger joint to rave reviews from even the most stringent meat eaters. Perfect for vegans craving a cheeseburger.
Status – Open for Pickup/ Delivery – Order Online

Fruitive $$
I love Fruitive so much, it is so pricey but I love it and I believe them when they say their prices reflect the fact that they use really high quality, organic, ingredients. Their juices? A+. Their smoothies? Even better! Yes most of this I can make at home but Fruitive is my go-to when I don’t want to. 
Status – Open for Takeout- Order Online

Forever Favorites  $-$$

NuVegan Cafe $-$$
NuVegan is a forever favorite from back when I used to chase down their food truck when their name was Woodland Vegan Bistro. A huge variety and most importantly they have vegan cornbread (which is a crucial staple of my diet). 
Status – Open for Takeout/ Delivery – Order Online

FareWell $-$$
Owned by the same people as Sticky Fingers (listed below, but also if you are a vegan in D.C. you probably know Sticky Fingers). FareWell has great diner food style options. My personal favorite thing they do though is the meals they put together for holidays. My family agreed to do a vegan thanksgiving last year and I picked it up from FareWell and everyone loved it, even my very meat and potatoes loving father.
Status – Open for Takeout/ Delivery – Order Online

Khepra’s Raw Food Juice Bar  $- $$
Khepra’s was one of the places other vegans told me to check out when I first went vegan, as they are one of the OGs on the D.C. vegan scene. They have a very large variety of entress, desserts, snacks and drinks.
Status – Open for Takeout- Order Online

Fancy Food $$-$$$

Fancy Radish $$$
So, if I had written this before today I would have not bene able to include what is one of my favorite vegan restaurants in town as they had been opened for a bit for takeout but had closed down a few weeks ago. HOWEVER, as of this morning, 5/16 they are back to doing takeout! I don’t even know how to explain Fancy Radish other than exceptionally creative and wonderful food that truly transforms vegetables in a way I didn’t even realize was possible. I’d hurry and order if you can.
Status – Open for Takeout- Order Online

Elizabeth’s Gone Raw $$$
My friends took me here for my birthday and it is hands down the best meal I have ever had. They are doing pickups for their incredible kale chips (if you didn’t realize kale chips could be incredible you need to try these) Tuesdays – Saturdays, and offering their 3 or 4 course dinners for delivery/pickup Thursdays – Saturday.
Status – Open for Takeout/ Delivery – Order Online

Equinox $$$
Not the gym.  My go-to for most birthday dinners and my boss took me here for my yearly review which was truly special. Equinox is listed under this category for their 100% plant based brunch and offering complete plant based meals every night.
Status – Open for Takeout/ Delivery – Order Online

Baked GREATS $ (…instead of baked goods.. okay)

Sticky Fingers
I had been going to Sticky Fingers even before I was vegan, not even aware that it was entirely animal-product free, as when I moved back to D.C. I was just looking to try new bakeries and coffee shops that had popped up while I was away at college. Have a brownie, you deserve it.
Status – Open for Takeout/ Delivery – Order Online

Compass Coffee
Some local cafe’s MIGHT have a single vegan baked good offering, if you are lucky, Compass has a bunch of animal-product free baked goods, snacks, and to-go meals, definitely enough for a lovely lunch or picnic.
Status – Some Locations Open for Takeout – Check the list

Lots of great vegan options here (including some of the best vegan cakes!)
Recommended by: @nancy7teixeira
Status – Open for Takeout/ Delivery – Order Online

Not Solely Vegan But Great Vegan Options $- $$$

Busboys & Poets $ – $$
My forever favorite go-to for meals with friends as it has options for everyone and has great (and filling!) vegan menu items, my personal favorite being the vegan bbq sandwich.
Status – Open for Takeout/ Delivery – Order Online

Seven Reasons $$$
They recently launched a completely vegan menu, which I tried last week and it was the best meal I have had in months, it was so good. I will probably be craving their meatless tartare for awhile. The only problem is I am not sure if the vegan menu will stick around after May so try it while you can!
Status – Open for Takeout/ Delivery – Order Online

CherCher $-$$
Their vegan deluxe platter is what dreams are made of, and so filling. Definitely the best Ethiopian in town for strictly vegan options.
Status – Open for Takeout/ Delivery – Order Online

The Royal $
I am.. obsessed with The Royal. BYT’s offices used to be located in Shaw and I would be there all the time. I highly recommend their vegan arepas, although their menu changes regularly.
Status – Open for Takeout/ Delivery – Order Online

Chaia $
“But Chaia is vegan!” You say? No, my dear, dear, reader, Chaia is vegetarian, and most of the tacos normally come with cheese. However everything is very easily vegan-ized. My go-to for tacos.
Status – Open for Takeout/ Delivery – Order Online

Jackie Lees $-$$ (with booze)
I hadn’t even heard of Jackie Lees before some of my friends who live in the area wanted to meet there for brunch. Because I don’t know how time works, I arrived an hour early and this place is fantastic, they have an N64 to play while you wait and their vegan wraps are so good.
Status – Open for Takeout/ Delivery – Order Online

Smoke & Barrel $-$$
Everyone always mistakes “vegan” fo healthy, and hey even vegans sometimes just want some bbq. Thankfully Smoke & Barrel’s seitan wings are here to save the day.
Status – Open for Takeout/ Delivery – Order Online

Little Sesame $

Despite hummus being one of my main food groups, I was definitely one of those people who didn’t think that a hummus bowl sounded all that filling. I was so wrong and Little Sesame quickly became one of my go-tos for lunch or a quick meal.
Status – Open for Takeout/ Delivery – Order Online

El Tamarindo
We’ve heard great things about the Meatless Mondays and vegan pupusas (available every day).
Status – Open for Takeout/ Delivery – Order Online

Sweetgreen $
During our Bentzen Ball comedy festival, the whole BYT staff lived off of Sweetgreen for almost a whole week and it was maybe the best week? Affordable, delicious, and one of the best places in town to go for a quick salad.
Status – Open for Takeout/ Delivery – Order Online

South Block $
I had to delete the South Block app off my phone because I was ordering from there so much. Their smoothies and smoothie bowls are just so good.
Status – Open for Takeout – Order Online

Baked & Wired $
They are here SOLELY for their vegan oreo cupcake. They sometimes have additional vegan baked goods but only on certain days.
Status – Open for Takeout/ Delivery – Order Online

Laos in Town
“Has an entire vegan menu- SO good” – @sealie.k
Status – Open for Takeout/ Delivery – Order Online

“Indigo also has an entire list of vegan entrees – get the vegetarian pick two w/ vegan!” – @sealie.k
Status – Open for Takeout/ Delivery – Order Online

Did I miss your favorite vegan place or a place with great vegan options? Sound off in the comments!


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