D.C. Street Style Round-Up: Trillectro Edition
BYT Staff | Aug 23, 2013 | 9:06AM |

Words and photos: Britt Elyse Nelson

Located at The Half Street Fairgrounds, Trillectro music festival genuinely turned out to be the convergence of two different cultures that might not be so different after all. Vibing to the mix of hip-hop and electronic music, the fusion of cultures became even more evident in the styles of the people who attended. Bold and loud like the music, the apparel of both groups at the festival was full of bright neon colors, psychedelic patterns and contrasting textures! With all the characters, the festival really showcased the beauty of DC. Here are some of the hottest looks I was able to capture!
IMG_6788      IMG_6785IMG_6780      IMG_6779IMG_6778      IMG_6753IMG_6751      IMG_6750IMG_6741      IMG_6740IMG_6731 copy      IMG_6730IMG_6727 copy      IMG_6722IMG_6721 copy      IMG_6709IMG_6711      IMG_6708IMG_6707
IMG_6700 copy      IMG_6699 copyIMG_6695      IMG_6690 copyIMG_6689      IMG_6687IMG_6686      IMG_6680IMG_6679      IMG_6672IMG_6677
IMG_6669 IMG_6664IMG_6659      IMG_6658 copy
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