D.C. Street Style Round-Up
BYT Staff | Feb 28, 2013 | 9:05AM |

Words and photos: Britt Elyse Nelson

D.C. will never be Paris. It will never be New York, it will never be Tokyo, it will never be San Francisco and thank god it’ll ever be L.A. It’s got its own quirks and its own charms, and although it may never measure up to its famous metropolis brethren on the style front, it’ll be damned if some of its residents aren’t making an effort to get us there. We’re here to document what real DCists are wearing out and about on our city streets; like it or not, these people are out there and they’re in this post and you’re going to have to live with it. (Haters to the left.) So as we find ourselves blanket-deep in cold weather, let’s take a peek at some real looks keeping D.C. warm.


IMG_0757  IMG_0759

When choosing an outfit, a staple piece/ focal point is always a great start. I would definitely say her vintage vest was her staple piece and her jacket and accessories brought out each unique color in her vest.


IMG_0791  IMG_0788

You can’t go wrong with camo pants and a denim shirt. Each layer of his outfit definitely complimented the next all the way down to his gold Nikes.


IMG_0711  IMG_0708

It’s cold outside so don’t be afraid to mix textures. Denim and faux fur make a stylish contrast that will definitely keep you warm. It’s always eye catching when someone is wearing faux fur in unique color like the auburn jacket seen in the picture.


IMG_0775  IMG_0777

I loved his vintage plaid jacket with the wool lining (function and fashion). Cuffed pants and a bike chain to add the finishing touches make for a great look.


IMG_0771 IMG_0766

I loved her custom jean jacket with tribal print sleeves; her pink floral scarf added a great bohemian touch to the outfit just because it’s cold does’t mean you can bring out those summer accessories.

IMG_0827  IMG_0822
Black is always in fashion. What caught my eye was the contrast in the length of layers. I loved the unique style of a long sweaters underneath a caped hoodie. Let’s not forget the furry friend on his feet (Jeremy Scott Adidas).

It’s all in the small details…Cuffed jeans is a super trend seen on the streets right now, but what caught my eye were his cuffed sleeves. Black and grey are a simple but stylish masculine combination.



Play with your clothes. Nothing is meant to be worn one way and this guy knows it. Upright right hoodies and fedora hats make a stylish pair (plus points for rocking a fedora without irony).


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  • Anonymous says:

    “The Sartorialist/Streetpeeper works because you get a bunch of different people from different walks of life wearing real fashion”

    Aww they really fooled you, people from different walks of life your an idiot
    Everyone featured in famous street style blogs are either fashion editors/blog contributor or models etc…
    NOT random people off the street …Since when do 1,000 dollar clothes represent people from different walks of life?

  • Anonymous says:

    The Sartorialist… Street Peeper…are you really comparing this column to those blogs?? If you knew anything about fashion you would know Street Peeper and the Satorialist are global street fashion photo sites, featuring the best street style from cities like New York, Berlin, Paris, London, Tokyo, and more not just one city … and let’s not mention the shit load of fashion shows they get invited to…

    This is about peoples unique individual style ..BYE

  • Anonymous says:

    YES!! These are great. Whether or not people like it, it’s a real representation of DC’s street style. everyone who says otherwise can deal with it. maybe they’re just bitter they didn’t get included

  • Anonymous says:

    Yep, these are not interesting. The Sartorialist/Streetpeeper works because you get a bunch of different people from different walks of life wearing real fashion, not just people who visited the Urban Outfitters in Brooklyn.

  • Huh says:

    Since when was “homeless” in style? Can we post less hipsters and more fashion please? Thanks.

    • Anonymous says:

      Seriously it looks like most of these people rolled out of bed and got dressed in the dark. That is not fashion.

  • Anonymous says:

    Only 2 of these photos were worthy (“Denim and faux fur” and “It’s all in the small details”). Is this the best DC can do? Depressing.