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By Britt Elyse Nelson

Usually centered around politics, DC has always garnered a pretty dry reputation. I started Citizens of DC with the idea of creating an outlet that showcased DC as the transient melting pot it truly is. By recording these interesting people in their everyday commutes throughout life, I attempt to capture their style and the developing trends on the street. These are the citizens of DC…


“My style tends to center around shades of blue and grey.  Inspired my Northern European and Scandinavian style I go for simplicity in form and color mixed with occasional prints.”


Shoes by Ted BakerASOS shirt, All Saints pants and Dr. Martens backpack.


“My style generally changes a lot by my mood. I don’t really like to limit myself to one fashion genre. My friend once called my style ‘A small slice of LSD.'”


Dress Xhiliration, necklace has the chemical structure of Thymine (a gift from her brother, who had a matching necklace with the chemical structure of Adenine) plus a Kroner coin she got in Denmark, Converse sneakers with some designs she drew on.


“Having a laid back attitude inspires my style. I don’t really care what I put on as long as I feel confident, that’s all that matters.”


Wet Seal shirt, Forever 21 jeans, Dr. Martens shoes, and Goorin Brothers shoes.


“Vintage was my first love in the world of fashion. I am inspired by old pictures of my mom from the 80s/90s. My style is eclectic, earthy and chic. I love vibrant patterns and textures. I put together whatever feels right in the moment.”

Numi 1

Gossip on 23rd blouse, Slow Clothing Inc pants, Sunglasses and shoes from Buffalo Exchange, Bracelet from thailand, and collar necklace self-made.


“Working in DC it is very easy to fall victim to the two piece ill-fitting suit, but if you do find that harmonious place between business classic and funky fresh, well then you’ve nailed it. I’m also the son of free loving hippies, which has also really influenced me to express myself through my own personal style.”

Sam 1

JC Penny (Buffalo Exchange) shirt, Goorin Brothers hat, Hugh and Crye pocket square, Cole Haan shoes, and J Crew bag.

To publish and of these photos in print or online, please contact us for permission. You can find more of Britt’s work at Citizens of DC, email her at [email protected]