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All photos: Britt Elyse Nelson

As the weather gets colder, we’re always interested to see just how D.C. bundles up but this week we had some CRAZY-WARM weather. It facilitated some interesting looks worn by people caught in the throes of late-spring weather but still stuck in the dead of winter. We found some great layering (always good for transitional temperatures) and unconventional ways to mix it up on these District streets. From leopard print streetwear to lumberjack chic, take a look at what caught our eye this week…

IMG_0374   IMG_0377

Loved her all-black ensemble, from her glasses to her shoes!

IMG_0400   IMG_0397
This is one hair stylist with some great style…we loved her knee patched tights, and colorful jewelry! Contact this fashionable lady here for style tips!

IMG_0382 2    IMG_0383 2

We loved the layers of his outfit and cant forget his awesome Pendleton jacket. Matched with a sizable beard and some distressed ankle jeans, this guy does the sexy lumberjack look right.

 IMG_0369   IMG_0366

A nice contrast to black and white, cream and navy make a unique but stylish pair. Check out those pants tucked into those boots! We’re in love.

 IMG_0384   IMG_0387

We loved her leather pants along with her super cool nude and highlighter yellow trimmed shoes! (With a black wedge heel, no less.)

IMG_0363   IMG_0364
Graphic sweatshirts and patterned belts! (Relatedly, do his shoes somehow managed to match the belt…?)

IMG_0358 2   IMG_0360 2

Street style wouldn’t be the same without Streetwear brands! We loved the way his leopard print in the shirt matched his Nikes. Effortlessly cool.

 To contact Britt, email her at [email protected].