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All photos: Britt Elyse Nelson

As the weather gets colder, we’re always interested to see just how D.C. bundles up and while we see much of our fine city piling on the pea coats (always classic), this week we saw some phenomenal pattern matching and unconventional ways to mix it up on these District streets. This week we saw a lot of cuffed pants (we guess we’re all in that warm weather state of mind), along with some great accessorizing and pops of color. Take a peek at what’s hot on the D.C. streets…


IMG_0542  IMG_0545

We ran into Quincy Jones of Prepsterpunk.com! Completely stylish from head to toe; we didn’t even know where to start. Vintage frames / Hermes belt / plaid shoes and color-blocking sweater.. preppy, stylish, alternative. Enough said. 


IMG_0530 2  IMG_0531 2

Military jacket with leather sleeves, vintage shoes and cuffed pants; you can never go wrong with this combination.


IMG_0517  IMG_0518

We definitely pictured this guy in a section of any number of fashion magazines and their “When To Wear Yellow” guides. Yellow can make or break an outfit. In this case, it knocked it out of the park.


IMG_0535 2   IMG_0537 2

We found this lovely lady at Treasury on 14th. Camo Heram pants and sparkly black boots! Tough but not too tough.


IMG_0522  IMG_0526

Rooftop or street it’s all the same thing; velvet jacket and cowboy boots, a versatile combination completely unique on its own.


Untitled copy


Black and blue two hues that never go out of style. Lover the denim and black combination, as well as the cuffed pants and Chucks. Effortlessly cool.



Red shoes, lilac belt, cobalt blue shirt and camo pants…fashion is art!


IMG_0486 2  IMG_0489

What really caught our eye here is how simply stylish this guy was from the front and how intricately stylish he was from the back!


IMG_0505 2  IMG_0501 2

It’s the little things that count; we loved his cuffed pants with red socks, adding a splash of color to that black-and-camo ensemble.

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