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All photos: Britt Elyse Nelson


As the weather gets colder, we’re always interested to see just how D.C. bundles up and while we see much of our fine city piling on the pea coats (always classic), this week we saw some phenomenal pattern matching and unconventional ways to mix it up on these District streets. From leopard print to fur coats to pretty chic, take a look at what caught our eye…



We loved the intricate layers; each layer really compliments the next! Great colors in this outfit, perfect for this season. Cool shoes with accents that match the coat are a great way to tie winterwear together…




She really caught our eye with her pretty auburn fur jacket. We love her street-chic layers.




We loved this plaid jacket with oxford shoes!  



IMG_0331   IMG_0333

Who can pull off white pants in the winter time? This girl, apparently. Her outfit was effortlessly chic with great lines.




IMG_0324   IMG_0325

This guy’s outfit really spoke for itself. Such unique style!! And check out those dreads!




IMG_0329   IMG_0330

We loved the contrast of fabrics and subtle attention to detail in his jeans and shoes… (Plus metallic-stud accents? Sign us up.)





We found this guy hanging out in front of a barber shop looking quite dapper. It looks like spring is well on its way…



IMG_0318 2

Simple but stylish, we love the contrast of red and blue. Fitting for Inaugural weekend.


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