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By Catherine Pociask

What is a lumbersexual? A dude that doesn’t mind being a little rough around the edges of life or having a little extra unkempt facial hair. A lumbersexual’s distinguishing, rugged characteristics include a trace of flannel, outdoor survival skills, and of course, the bad-ass beard. The power of a lumbersexual is held in the beard – the beard draws people in and it is rumored to have mystical powers – making fair maidens quiver and men guise in envy. A lumbersexual tends to have the aura of the most interesting man in the world. Why? These whiskey-sipping men know what they want and don’t mind getting a little bit of dirt under their finger nails to get it.

With all of the clean-cut business men in D.C., these guys stand out with their fashion sense and insane beard growing abilities – enough to call them the most Bad-Ass Lumbersexuals in D.C.

Nick Karnaze, owner/founder of Stubble & ‘Stache: A former special operations Marine, Nick started growing his beard to honor a fallen friend. In doing so, he realized that he needed a better solution to the grooming products available for men. After working for over a year to create the ultimate beard products, (produced in the U.S.A.) Stubble & ‘Stache was born.  To top that, his company donates a rather substantial percentage to non-profits that are working to help wounded heroes, specifically charities that help those suffering from mental wounds of combats in treatment and rehabilitation. Who knew that looking good could be so noble?


Jake Shields, at Paul Stuart – CityCenterDC: Frequenting such stylish places in the District such as the W and Hell’s Bottom Barber for various events, this man can walk into a room and class the place up. It’s not uncommon to see Jake rocking a blue pinstriped coat and maroon pants. After two minutes of talking with Jake, it’s easy to notice that Jake is just purely a good dude. He currently works for Paul Stuart, an upscale clothing retailer which recently settled into CityCenterDC, by Metro Center. Jake doesn’t consider himself a salesman, rather a storyteller of the brand and products he represents by showcasing style, refinement, and sophistication. His ethos is based on honesty and it shows with his repeat clients. If you don’t have a chance to catch him as Paul Stuart, you may be lucky enough to find him scuba diving, snowboarding, or cycling in the Tour De F….. in the Tour De Fat.


James Majewski, Hugh & Crye: Though a humble gent, James can be found charismatically modeling tailored suits from Hugh & Crye, the D.C.-based men’s clothing company has created an innovative sizing system that bridges the gap between ill-fitting off-the-rack shirts and expensive custom tailors. James, along with his fellow co-workers are a small group of smart, hardworking individuals who are selling to all 50 states and over 40 countries. The Hugh & Crye’s mandate is to provide every man a well-fitted shirt, that isn’t overpriced, along with providing a sustainable clothing choice and to create a more sustainable manufacturing practice. James prides himself on having an “off-the-cuff” D.C. career (pun intended) and has an incredibly approachable demeanor. He prides himself on his work and is excited that Hugh & Crye that is opening their new office and retail store in The Yards this spring.


So until you have your own trained falcon, can swing an axe like Paul Bunion, and have a grin like Clint Eastwood, get to know these guys – they make looking good so effortless. Is it warm in here?