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Where we talk about stuff (happening in and around D.C.) we didn’t write about but is still something you may care to get all riled about and comment on. So, without further ado – today, in other D.C. media sources:

  • To begin, the motherf*cking Batmobile is coming to D.C. this month and we are SO EXCITED. Technically, it’s Batman’s heavy-duty, military-vehicle-inspired Tumbler, a sweet ride designed specifically for Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. This epic tank and its fancy motorcycle Batpod will be making their way to the District Sunday, May 27th.We’ll just be sitting here in our capes and checking the tour’s site ’til then. (via DCist)

    (Warner Bros. Pictures // TumblerTour.com)
  • The summer is well on its way and with warmer weather ripening ye olde fruite and veggie harvests, it’s time to hit the D.C. farmers markets. Whether you’re buying produce from a repurposed school bus, wondering how to trim/cook asparagus properly or trying to figure out exactly what ramps are, the District’s blogs have got you covered. (via Prince of Petworth, Borderstan and Washington City Paper, respectively)
  • We all know meeting people in D.C. can be tough. Between your busy work schedule, your social life and what little You Time you’ve got, it’s tough to spend your waking moments trying  to find a Mr./Mizz right. Never fear, for The Top 12 D.C. Spots for Meeting Your Future Soulmate are here. (via Refinery29)
  • Because walking and driving in D.C. can be equally terrifying: what are your chances of survival if a car hits you going 20/30/40 miles an hour? (via TBD)
  • Driving and parking in D.C. is so terrifying/difficult, in fact, that there’s been a surge in the use of stolen/black market/deceaseds’ handicap permits and DMV-area officials are cracking down. (via Washington Examiner)
  • And finally, we leave you with a treasure trove of Internet glory: bad photoshops of famous people eating jumbo slice. (via Eater DC)

    (Amy McKeever // Eater.com)