stephanie | May 10, 2012 | 4:00PM | Uncategorized

Where we talk about stuff (happening in and around D.C.) we didn’t write about but is still something you may care to get all riled about and comment on. So, without further ado – today, in other D.C. media sources:

  • In case you missed it the James Beard Awards happened and they were wonderful (you can check out our full coverage/kitchen behind-the-scenes fun/photos here). And though they were 100% fabulous, D.C. chefs and restaurants lost in both of the two categories in which they were nominated, begging the question, “Does the Beard Foundation hate D.C.?” Washingtonian’s got the scoop on this with some District reactions.
  • For Us but also Against Us: 2011’s figures are in and tourism is, as predicted, way, way up–last year’s 16.1 million domestic visitors brought in a total of $6 billion (cool) but also a 3.7 percent increase in tourism from 2010. (Thinking of an increase of nearly 1 million lost tourists wandering out into crosswalks, way too much foot traffic at the zoo or most things free in the city, crowded metros, etc., we’re going to have to give this aspect a “boo” on principal.) (via TBD via ABC7)
  • Arcadia’s got a new farmers market on wheels, bringing fresh, sustainably-produced veggies, meats and dairy products to the Ledroit Park area every Wednesday. (via Prince of Petworth)
  • Here at BYT, we’re all about food (if you hadn’t happened to notice) so of course we’re thrilled about this look into D.C.’s butchers and the best places to buy meat in the District. (via Washington City Paper)
  • The Trust for the National Mall just named the winners for the Mall’s redesign-Constitution Gardens (Rogers Marvel ArchitectsPeter Walker and Partners), Washington Monument grounds and Sylvin Theatre (OLINWeiss/Manfred), and Union Square (Gustafson Guthrie NicholDavis Brody Bond). (via HuffPost DC)
  • And last but certainly not least, DCist Kylè Pienaar made this short documentary about the changes, growth, gentrification and displacement U St. has seen throughout its history.