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What were you doing in 2011? Maybe you were drinking National Bohemian in your parents’ basement dreaming of the day when you would finally be able to have a rock band of your own. In 2011, that rock band became a reality for The Sniffs. One year later, original members James Doubek and Chach Voas found drummer Lennon Luks after some hardcore searching on Craigslist.

After dropping a couple of albums as a trio in 2013 and 2014, respectively, the guys took a three year hiatus from 2014 until October of this year.

Lennon said four years ago at the band’s peak, they were consistently rated the third best band in D.C. Today, the band is struggling to regain momentum after their slow drop.

“It’s definitely been tough dealing with our decline. We’ve struggled with a lot of depression and anxiety, and lost a lot of our momentum, which led to even more negative emotions among the band members. It’s been a bit of a vicious cycle,” Lennon told us.

According to the band, it wasn’t so much a changing of the scene that caused their decline, but rather a perfect storm of mental health issues and busy schedules. Sometimes life gets in the way.

The Sniffs released No One Else Is On It last month. The album was recorded in 2014 and reflects a new era of hardcore and post-rock for the band.

The Sniffs play DC9 November 27