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Welcome to the first edition of D.C. Beats, a column where we feature one musical artist from D.C. each week. What is it about this great city that produces such an eclectic mix of DIY artists and bands? Let’s find out!

If you’ve never heard of Chill Parents, where have you been? Omar, Andy, John and Kevin all met in early 2016. Unlike the traditional image of starting a punk band with a bunch of old friends in your parents’ basement, Chill Parents met through a band lottery. Hat Band, a benefit for Girls Rock! D.C., brought the four guys together to form the up-and-coming band.

Chill Parents, a self-proclaimed member of the punk genre, is not a your traditional punk line up of white guys screaming incoherently to a guitar-core base. With Chill Parents, you’ll hear samples, balanced instrumentals, and lyrics to sing (scream) along to. This is what I like to call accessible punk. Make no mistake, this is anything but entry-level. Their newest Bandcamp release, Chill Parents “{{demos}}” is well thought out and varies from tasteful hardcore to a soft break at track five.

“D.C. has a very rich history in terms of DIY and punk. There are a ton of bands and activists out here who are constantly influencing us. There’s a real sense of community here full of people who want to support and see cool shit happen,” they told us.

Here at BYT, we love humbled bands. Catch Chill Parents play their next show at Looking Glass Lounge on November 19.