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Lets face it, cute cats are the reason for 40% of youtube traffic these days, cute dogs for 35%, and cute babies playing with cute cats and dogs for the remaining 25%. So, this week, we’re dedicating VIDEOS of the Day to the wild life around us.

Lets kick off with my personal favorite Weezer song of all time: ISLAND IN THE SUN (it makes me feel so fine, I can’t control my brain). Which also allows me to tell my favorite Rivers Cuomo story ever. Once upon a time, in Rolling Stone, when discussing his love life, Rivers said the following:

“I signed up to eHarmony once, and it took three hours to fill out that online form – so many personal questions.

“Then I clicked on submit, and instantaneously they responded and said, ‘We are sorry, but there is no one anywhere in the world that is appropriate for you.’ So that was it, I gave up.

“I don’t think that’s the way it’s going to happen for me. I don’t seem to be able to find somebody.”

Well, if this video (directed, naturally, by Spike Jonze) was submitted along with the request, all those internet dating, youtube lovin’ hunnies would have come running. BEHOLD: Rivers Cuomo, playing with lions, panthers and baby bears. Awwww.

Watch this, then head out for a double feature of Project Nim and Rise of the Planet of the Apes