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In this column, I cover songs for you to nod your head to in the EDM scene [electronic dance music, not extra dancey music, for those not in the know]. These tunes are sure to roust you from the deepest of Thanksgiving stupors.

Bonobo “First Fires (Maya Jane Coles Remix)”

You were probably wondering how I went more than two weeks without talking about Maya Jane Coles–fret not, I am on the Maya-paean-singing tip again. Recently named the top female edm artist, Maya Jane Coles remixes the lead track from Bonobo’s latest album with her signature hypnotic sound.

Phoenix “Fences (LeMarquis Remix)”

Yes, this song has been remixed to death and is 5 years old. You won’t care once you hear this impossibly ebullient remix by LeMarquis that is sure to defy the tryptophan-induced coma and lift you up.

Gramatik “Muy Tranquilo”

Brooklyn beat-smith Gramatik releases this melodic tranquilita tune that is 100% head-noddingly-worthy.

SaintLike “Good Vs. Evil Mix”

Local beat-maker, producer, and DJ SaintLike delivers a seamless mix that spans the gamut of trap, moombahton, drum step, and turntablism. Forget the turkey, get with the twerky.

Banks “Waiting Game (Templeton & Sleepy Cat Remix)”


An appropriately broody remix of the equally broody R&B-esque original.

Jorge Ben Jor “Oba, La Bem Ela”

One of the loveliest tunes from Jorge Ben’s 1970 LP Força Bruta. Brazilian music at its finest.