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Let’s talk about -and subsequently dance to- garage music. A sound with it’s roots in the disco and house music deriving its name from the legendary club, Paradise Garage. The Garage was a NY warehouse that both made and re-made genres. It didn’t really what the actual type of dance music it was, if it got played at the The Garage, it was garage music. The label has stuck around, however the music itself evolved, took some acid, time traveled, and and now seems to be making its way back to it’s roots as we’ll hear.

Depending on the age of the person you ask about garage music, you might get told to listen to something like this:


Or even this:

We might call them disco and house respectively, but both were staples in The Garage and were thus considered considered garage music (or house, short for “warehouse”).

As the parties went on and producers and DJs began to get creative by incorporating more elements -and substances- into the music, the sounds began to go places way outside typical disco and house realms. It was like a sonic arms races as music makers continued to try to one up one another in order to keep their sets exciting and fresh. And as synthesizers and drum machines became more accessible, sounds got less lush and more weird. Point and case, acid house:

The Europeans embraced acid:


Then took it and ran, spawning off their own movements of UK garage, 2 step, UK funky, etc..

In the States deep house/garage found its soulfulness:

So where are we now? Well as these things tend to do, the sounds seem to be coming back around. Here’s Shadow Child’s revisit -a la contemporary garage- of the Hardive classic:

It has very much been outside the states where garage has thrived. And as we’ll hear, it’s U.K. kids that are pumping out the definitive sounds of garage as of late:

Not to mention, pushing it toward the “future”:


If you dig this brief music history lesson, DPC will be revving the sounds and vibes of The Garage at the Black Cat next Saturday, February 23. DPC residents DJs will be spinning classic disco, house, and garage at in the BackStage room for the monthly party Paradise Garage (formerly Disco in the Dark).

As usual, thanks for read/listening!

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