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In this column, I cover songs for you to nod your head to in the EDM scene [electronic dance music, not extra dancey music, for those not in the know].

Sapient “Gone DEFCON”

DEFCON 5 listen to this. Clever, poetic word play; laid-back beat. Nothing mundane about this, Portland rapper Sapient has put himself on the map.

Little Dragon “Klapp Klapp (Nosaj Thing Remix)”

An absolutely entrancing remix by the heir-to-the-Bonobo-throne Nosaj Thing. The rap by Future is passable.

Logic “Finding Forever”

Logic (of Young Sinatra mixtape fame, which if you do not have, you should remedy this right now) is back to remind you that he has been one of the most consistently good emcees in the last couple of years.

Lana Del Rey “West Coast (K Theory Remix)”

A thudding, heavily dubsteppy remix of Lana Del Rey’s latest hit.


Vancouver-based producer Spencer Reid samples Coco Rosie’s “By Your Side” (which is an old fave in my downtempo DJ bag) with beautiful results.