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In this column, we cover songs for you to nod your head to in the EDM scene [electronic dance music, not extra dancey music, for those not in the know]. This week’s guest is Shell of Jangala, whose Temporal Fusion podcast is releasing a must-listen-to mix tonight.

Nick Olivetti “Shake It”

Here’s some straight-up bass filth from Nick Olivetti via Dirtybird. I keep telling myself that I will diversify but… I can’t help myself from going back to Dirtybird. A proper dance floor tune, a little goofy grimey b-line with a solid thump.

Lenzman and FD “Joanie’s Theme”

Joanie’s Theme is one of many soon to be seminal tunes from the latest Metalheadz release, Platinum Breaks Vol. 4. Messrs. Lenzman and FD have brought us a minimal yet full-bodied liquid roller perfect for soothing your dancing feet before the next smasher. Goldie has packed in so many fatty tunes in this release it’ll make yo head spin.

A-Sides & MC Fats “Temperature’s Rising (Command Strange Remix)”

Heard this in a Command Strange mix my friend shared with me a few weeks ago and has been stuck in my head since. I found it on the We Gotcha EP, released by Drum and Bass don A-Sides to raise funds for a friend and collaborator MC Fats who recently became an amputee by diabetes. MC Fats has been on the scene since there ever was a scene and this compilation proves it. The MC Fats Collection features 16 tracks with him and practically the entire who’s who of Drum and Bass. All tunes, absolute bangers, find out more here.

Hybrid Minds and Holly Drummond “New Orleans”

Here’s one from one of my recently rekindled favorites, Hybrid Minds. Once again these boys show their mastery of jazzy Drum and Bass. This time they are accompanied by Holly Drummond who lays down some of the lushest vocals I’ve heard in a while. Luckily, it’s a proper song and not just a sampled snippet.

Jason Hodges and William Alexander “Our World”

Technically this one’s not a new release but g’damn it’s so good that I will tolerate any pooh-poohing. Jason Hodges and William Alexander have crafted a smooth blend of house and hip-hop that will definitely make you jack that booty!


Peep the playlist: