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In this column, I cover songs for you to nod your head to in the EDM scene [electronic dance music, not extra dancey music, for those not in the know]. In events you must check out this week, take a look at SubDistrick! for all your drum’n’bass needs.

This week’s guest is Kian Asamoah of Noisy Meditation. Let’s do it to it.

  • Iman Omari – “Addicted (Flip)”
    Iman Omari takes Ryan Leslie & Cassie’s pop-r&b hit “Addicted” into the underground with a summery headnod track that owes as much to J Dilla as it does to the ’90s hip-hop soul jams of Faith Evans and Mary J. Blige.


  • Pause Cuts – “Ass Eye”

    Korean producer Pause Cuts lays down a thick, sweaty instrumental groove with neo-soul sprinklings on top of an infectious chord progression. Perfect for the crib or the club.


  • Stray – “Eazy Boy”

    Having already made his mark as one of the most gifted talents on the drum & bass scene, Stray continues to push things forward with this twisted glitch-hop/dnb hybrid.


  • Sunni Colón – “Temple (starRo remix)”

    Soulection’s man of the moment starRo injects a healthy dose of bedroom vibes with this future r&b exploration of Sunni Colon’s “Temple.”


  • Blak – “Feast For A King”

    Florida based vocalist/rapper Blak’s latest full length album is a stunningly dense collection of future soul, blending traditional R&B and hip-hop values with influences from Sade and post-rock to create one of the most unique albums to come along in some time.