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This week’s guest is Shell Of Jangala

I Enter, Second City & Tyler Rowe

The Dirtybird crew have seriously turned the fortunes of this week with the release of their BBQ Compilation album. I Enter has some funky diva-esque vocals and deep long warm rushing bass so powerfull that even with headphones you can feel it in your chest. This growler takes you ups, leaves you suspended in mid-air, and then drops you down hard.

Slinky, Maztek

Renegade Hardware, the infamous drum and bass label, have been putting out some serious tunes again since last year. Relatively on the chill side for Maztek, he still packs a punch with a horn like bassline and swishing drums very much like a slinky.

In Forrest, Nitri & Lindsay Murray

Another scoop of dnb hotness overflowing from the Dreamthief compilation by Horizons Music. Heard this first on Nitri’s podcast mix and haven’t been able to stop listening to this deep and soulful hummer. Nitri skillfully layers beats and bass for maximum liquid pleasure and Lindsay’s vocals give the final push to make you fall back and melt away.

Swagger, Johnny Fiasco

Johnny Fiasco, Chicago house veteran of two decades, continues to deliver beats that make you swagger on the dance floor. Twitching, fidgety hats and electric pulses instantaneously bring about foot tapping and shoulder rolling. Johnny has kept his soul and made moves on upping his production technique for this release on One Thirty Records.

I Don’t Need You, Bad Zuke

A nice one to dance, with a proper shake of the hips and a wicked smile, away the people you don’t need in your life. Bad Zuke, a first for me, drops a heavy roller with hard dush-dush gut rumbling kicks topped off with reassuring vocals that bring an 80s electro-pop vibe. Guesthouse Music, for a relatively young label, has put some very impressive releases featuring the best of the best of house music production. Check-out their music!!!

Cell State, Kolectiv

Kolectiv have put together such thuggish bassline it’ll make your speakers explode. They slap on the bass with so much thickness that it is barely distinguishable from the beats which provide ample room for the bass to elongate and work their magic. Another first for me, Kolectiv is group that I will definitely following this year.