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In this column we cover songs for you to nod your head to in the EDM scene [electronic dance music, not extra dancey music, for those not in the know]. This week’s guest is Shell Of Jangala:

Kellerkind “Music Is A Miracle”

Yes indeed, music is a miracle as is proven by this funky bubbling semi-fresh yet oh so hot tune by Kellerkind. Clean beats with ample room for shifting ambient sounds and a urban straight talk wisdom sample are the themes for this house. You can pick this from the Stil Vor Talent vaults.

L-Side “Dubmonster”

Chronic Records

L-Side has been dropping some serious dnb tunes of late, the latest of which are a 5-pack of deep and grimey basslines released on his Brainstorm Ep. Dubmonster is just that, a large dose growling bassline slashes and clickity-clack rhythms. All five tunes are worthwhile and can be scooped up from Chronic Records.

Trex “Get Yours”

Mac II Digital

The revival of Mac II in digital form (previously a vinyl only label) has been one of my happiest moments in dnb, I recently discovered this while on a weekend digging marathon session. Not sure if they will be releasing their classics but they do have some killer new tunes. Get Yours brings the best of the early 2000 era of drum and bass styles but with much cleaner production techniques making it sound so damn good

Minor Rain “Jazz Pants”

This last dnb tune for this session and so have to take it to the frontier. Minor Rain brings so much of the unexpected to a genre of such well defined styles. In this latest masterpiece released on Dust Audio, he brings deep thumping kicks and has somehow managed to make funk out stutters and switches.


Anonymous, Andrew Emil, Gryffyn “Mushroom Man”

We wrap it up with a tune filled with the sweetest nectar of house music. Released on the legendary, à la Mark Farina, Great Lakes Audio, this track is a delicious sunset on the beach style four-four groover that comes with mellow stabs and enchanting vocals that will melt you away.