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In this column we cover songs for you to nod your head to in the EDM scene [electronic dance music, not extra dancey music, for those not in the know]. This week’s column is by Shell Of Jangala 

Dan Caster and 
Bjoern Stoerig “Feel So Good”
Off we go again, first up we have bouncy four-four ditty from veteran producers Dan Caster and Bjoern Stoerig. They stylishly re-purposed a classic sample over some hard beats and funky electric basslines perfect for jumping up and down like a mad person.

Teebee & Calyx “Human Reptile (Refix)”
So happy that this tune has happened. Teebee and Calyx have perfectly applied modern production techniques to this classic dance floor smasher giving it new life and making it sound the way it was destined. This was released five months back on the Sine Language album which is filled with the latest must-have beats from the Subtitles crew.

Sound Tactix “Take Some Time”

Here’s a tasty roller from Sound Tactix, not sure who it or they are but I do know IM:Ltd and try to keep up with the music they release. Take Some Time came out a while back on the same named EP. Accompanied with soulful vocals we get a fairly simple beat made with natural drums all of which are driven home with whomping (is that even a word?) bassline.

Dense & Pika “Colt”

Another simplish tune, somewhat melancholic and somber but still packs thump and a funk. Discovered this on Scuba’s Hotflush label fairly recently as I was trying to hunt down tunes from his Afterhour’s sets. Dense and Pika, newcomers, cover a lot of ground on their third release from which all four tunes are worthwhile having on hand.

Justin Martin & Eats Everything “The Gettup”

When two of Dirtybird’s finest collaborate we get this dynamite of a tune, so good that it can be released all by itself. Growling basslines, chest thumping  beats, swinging synths will stretch you every which way. Hopefully, we hear more from them soon.