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In this column, we cover songs for you to nod your head to in the EDM scene [electronic dance music, not extra dancey music, for those not in the know]. This week’s guest writer is Shell of Jangala.

Alci “Naked Sucker”
Release Early Beginnings Part 1
Label: Robsoul Records

I first caught this funky little house number around May of this year on a mix by Phil Weeks (“Live From Ice Factory” on the Temporal Fusion Podcast) and after a few month of Googling the various permutations of the lyrics I gave up. A couple weeks ago, still hungry to mix this tune, I decided to do a brute force search through the Robsoul Record’s catalog. Luckily, I found it after listening to about ten releases. This track is a classic house groove set off with the plucky twang of a guitar, layered with the just the right amount of ambient bruit, and finally iced with some sassy and hopefully inspirational vocals. “Naked Sucker,” crafted by Zurich based Alci, was released on the Early Beginnings Part 1 EP and can be scooped up from the Robsoul Records website.

Orphan 101 “Freak Bass”
Release: Standard 2013
Label: Deca Rhythm

With this spin of the little wheel we’re off on a slight tangent and land on Freak Bass, a house-techno firecracker of a beat put together by one of Bristol’s finest sound alchemists – Orphan 101. Released earlier this year on Deca Rhythms’s compilation album “Standards 2013,” Freak Bass’s core is a clean hypnotic techno-ish beat with plenty of switches and slashes which all drive home one of the grimiest filthiest basslines on a four-four ditty.

Creep n00m “Swing”
Release: Swing EP
Label: Phantom Hertz Recordings

I don’t even know where to begin with this one, good god! Every time I start to loose interest in dubstep I stumble into a tune that slaps me the f up. Creep n00m lays down some delicious jazzy piano melodies, then intermingles them with tribal drums and folksy blues guitar riffs, finally he ties it all up with steppin beats. This Muscovite brings a new level of refinement and sophistication to the dubstep styles, you can pick up his tune from Portland, Oregon based Phantom Hertz Recordings Bandcamp page.

Linden, Detail “Fringe”
Release: Demand 2
Label: Demand Records

Pumping up things a little bit with this spin, “Fringe” is crafted in the new school minimal yet full spectrum drum and bass technique. Released recently from Zurich by Demand Records on their second compilation album, aptly named “Demand 2,” this tune packs bubbly electric swipes over clean pounding beats that will rhythmically pull your joints in every which way. Big ups Linden and Detail!

Midnight Star “The Midas Touch (Hell Interface Remix)”
Release:12″ Mask 500
Label: Skam

This tune, a bootleg remix of 80’s electro-funk classic “Midas Touch,” is a bitter sweet presentation since you will mostly likely never be able to get a quality press. This rework, allegedly remixed by Boards of Canada under the Hell Interface moniker, remains true its funky roots while its breakbeats and basslines give it a modern day dancing oompf! You can look out for this one on Discogs, though I haven’t seen a copy recently.

This is the entire playlist in Soundcloud: