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All words/selections from Becca Thomas, The Dance Party Chronicles Contributor and Social Media Coordinator

As we transition from summer to fall, I find myself gravitating towards tracks with thumping bass lines and a heavy emphasis on the synth. It’s been less about the sunny, warm vibes poolside, and more about tracks that will get people moving on the dance floor. Enjoy!

  • James Blake – “Life Round Here (MANIK Ghost Pines Rework)”
    I can’t take credit for discovering this number, but thanks to one of my DPC partners in crime, am enamored with MANIK’s edit of James Blake’s “Life Round Here”. The Brooklyn-based producer and DJ seamlessly reworks loops from Blake’s vocals with a melodic soulful touch perfect for starting a dance party.
  • Spacebyrdz & Justin Baule – “Devil Drugs (Mexa Records)
    The EP entitled, “Devil Drugs,” from Spacebyrdz & Justin Baule, caught my attention because I follow Mexa Records on Soundcloud. I’m a huge fan of this label, and have started many Friday night pre games with tracks from Mexa, so I knew this wouldn’t disappoint. I recommend listening to the entire EP preview from start to finish, but the highlight for me was definitely “Devil Drugs.” It’s the perfect amount of weird that everyone should welcome when getting down and letting loose.

  • Name One & Maxxi Soundsystem – “One in Three (Defected Records)”
    Talk about a feel-good track. Maxxi Soundsystem is one DJ that is on my bucket list of acts that I have yet to see. After seeing that Name One joined forces with Maxxi Soundsystem (he’s also in this one!), I immediately pressed, “play,” and was pleasantly surprised with the use of vocals and thumping bassline. No set date for this release yet.

    • Talking Heads – “Once In A Lifetime (Gigamesh Remix)

      This track remixed by Gigamesh is a hipster’s wet dream. How did I come up with that you may ask? It’s a simple formula: remix + Talking Heads with a dance party vibe = A-OK in hipsters’ minds. It’s so damn catchy, and it would have been cool to completely let this track go under the radar, but I couldn’t keep this from everyone. Gigamesh is well-known for turning classic tracks into dance floor favorites and this Talking Heads remix doesn’t disappoint.

    • Ichisan – “Jugoton

      Out on Eskimo Recordings’ compilation, The Pink Collection, “Jugoton,” is full of synths with beeps and boops that will have you lost somewhere deep in space. It has a perfect build up at the 3:08 mark, and at 4:50 I can envision an entire crowd going wild somewhere. The mastermind behind this track, Ichisan, is a favorite of mine, and it’s always a treat when he has a new release and/or mix for the masses!