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All words: Tyler Harrington, Contributor for The Dance Party Chronicles

All too often I hear producers remix an older track to add some nostalgia factor to their sets, but completely desecrate the original.  However, nothing makes me happier than when an artist takes a classic dance track and is able to put a modern touch on it while still staying true to the original.  Today we’re going to revisit some classic tracks that helped define disco and house music and take a look at some newer remixes that live up to the originals.

  • Inner City – “Big Fun (Original Mix & Full Intention 88 Mix)
    Inner City’s dance music hit, “Big Fun,” was a groundbreaking track when it was released in 1988.  The group consisted of Detroit techno and house music legend, Kevin Saunderson, as well as Paris Gray, a singer from Chicago. Together these two created a tightly produced and incredibly catchy house track with soulful vocals. “Full Intention” speeds up the tempo in his remix slightly, but maintains core elements of the original that made it so catchy.


  • George Morel – “Let’s Groove (Refreshed Original Mix & Claptone Remix)”
    George Morel originally dropped this iconic track in 1992. Twenty-one years later, the house music aficionados at Get Physical records picked it up and dusted it off.  They’ve remastered the original track and released it along with 6 remixes from Claptone, DJ T, Coyu, Tom Trago, PBR Streetgang, and George Morel himself.  You can find all of these remixes here, but my personal favorite is undoubtedly the Claptone Remix.

  • Kool & the Gang – “Get Down on It & Get Down On It (Color K. Remix)”
    Kool & the Gang originally released “Get Down On It” it in 1981. Its supreme combination of funk, disco, and pop elements helped it reach the Billboard Top 10 the next year. More than 30 years later, a young producer named Color K, who was born more than 10 years after the original was released, gave the song his personal touch.


  • Millie Jackson – “We’ve Got to Hit It Off”
  • Tom Trago – “Use Me Again (Carl Craig Remix)”
    This last one varies from my theme here a bit, in that Tom Trago’s “Use Me Again” more samples Millie Jackson’s Disco burner “We’ve Got to Hit it Off” than it does remix it.  Carl Craig then takes is a little further still and adds a Detroit touch of techno.