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All Words: Rashad Williams, Managing Editor of The Dance Party Chronicles

Here’s a handful of tunes that have made me click that little heart button in my Soundcloud feed and get down like like I was in a “Harlem Shake” video (remember those?).

  • Kendrick Lamar – “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe (Fare Soldi Rmx)
    This remix from Fare Soldi works surprisingly well. Fare takes introspective heading-nodder original and injects some of his “frico disco” flavor, giving the track  french house feel and energy. You can grab this one for this at the cost of a Facebook “like.”

  • Disclosure – “F For You (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs remix)
    One of my favorite tracks from Disclosure’s album, “Settle,” got a sonic makeover from Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. Both the original and this remix have super fat basslines, but TEED’s is definitely well enormous in comparison. This remix has some great build and release moments along with TEED’s familiar and always quality synth work.

  • George Fitzgerald  – “I Can Tell (By The Way You Move)
    Here’s a forthcoming original by George Fitzgerald. He’s had a steady stream of house hits released on prominent labels in recent years. While there’s no particulars on this one’s release just yet, I’m sure someone will scoop it up so that we hear it alongside some great remixes on an EP with stacked line up.. In the meantime, lose yourself to its hard hitting four-on-the-flour pulse, fierce synth-lead, crisp hi-hats, and sexy vocals.

  • Bonobo – “Emkay (Morning High Remix)
    This next one is a slightly more minimal, slightly more future touch up of the UK garage track “Emkay,” from Bonobo’s latest album “Northern Borders.” The 21-year-old Atlanta based producer Morning High leaves much of what makes the original track good, but lighten things up by giving it a more ambient vibe that rides along a dubstep shuffle.

  • Gabe & Thomaz Krauze – “I Don’t Need You
    We’ll wrap things up with a mood setter of a house cut. Gabe & Thomaz Krauze team up on this Off Recordings released track, that brings together seductive female vocals, a lovely round synth progression, and a classy piano solo. The production  is just one of two of their collaborative efforts on the Secret Place EP which was just recently released.

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