Crossfade Roulette: Dance to This Sh!t
BYT at large | Jul 18, 2013 | 11:30AM |

All words: Rashad Williams, Managing Editor of The Dance Party Chronicles

For this installment of  “Dance to This Sh!t” I want share some hot summer disco jams and a few house/techno club thumpers that have caught my ear recently.

  • Shook –  “Summer Heat”
    Shook is giving away a track called Summer Heat, in anticipation of his long-awaited debut album. It features vocal by Pumashock, over some a light-hearted and mood setting disco arrangement. He released an official single, “Tonight” earlier this year album which is set to release August 6. Listening to his previous EPs, I became a fan of Shook’s ability to blend disco moods with electro textures, and look forward to hearing what’s he’s been cooking up for the album.

  • Hot Since 82 – “Error 909”
    Hot Since 82 seems incapable of producing sub par music. His last EP, Hot Jams Vol. 2, was a filled with deep house bangers from front to back. This this most recent jammer of his follows suit. “Error 909” is featured on Noir Music’s recently released compilation Use Your Ears 2013, which I highly recommend giving a listen to also.

  • Paranoid London – “Transmission 5”
    Paranoid London are rejuvenating my love for acid house. There’s a lot of producers (See: Bicep) doing great stuff on the 90’s house revival front, but Paranoid London are taking few steps back year-wise when it comes to house. They don’t release often, but when they do it’s quality work. The Transmission 5 (limited vinyl) release has an A-Side features vocals from Mutado Pintado and instrumental B-side.

  • Randomer – “Ruffa
    Turbo Recording’s Turbo 148 release features two new techno cuts Randomer, and a remix by J. Tijn. “Ruffa” is the one that got me moving. It’s techno at heart, but tinged with elements of acid house synth. The release as a whole is a dark romp through techno sounds and kicks of Turbo’s Warehouse series.

  • JKriv & The Disco Machine – “Disco Rocket”
    Lastly, we’ll dive back into some disco from JKriv’s other disco revival project (see: Escort), JKriv and The Disco Machine. The EP is called “The High Fidelity Sound” and come by way of all originals label, File Under Disco. I still refuse commit to it…but “Summer of Disco?”…the six tracks from this release don’t hurt the cause.

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