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all words/selections: Toni Tileva
In this weekly column, I cover songs for you to nod your head to in the EDM scene [electronic dance music, not extra dancey music, for those not in the know].

1. Friction & Skream–Kingpin

I recommend wearing a neck protector of some sort while listening to this track (ala Wu Tang’s Protect Your Neck). Skream is one of UK’s premier dubstep producers and his BBC1 show, Skream and Benga, is *the* fount of information on the latest and greatest in the genre. This track, for lack of a better description, will leave no doubt on who the don of dub is.

Make room for the king.

2. Justin Timberlake–Suit & Tie [Julio Bashmore Remix]

Bristol-based producer Julio Bashmore was instrumental to Jessie Ware’s success, producing her hit singles Running, Sweet Talk (the video for which features the wee versions of the double Js), and If You Are Never Gonna Move. The duo are set to collaborate on more releases this year. His solo material is generally deep housy in its ethos, with strong garage-tinged undertones, as in on Au Seve. His remix of Suit & Tie takes it from Robin Thicke-clone territory into the much more grown (and sexy) edm milieu, turning it into a perfectly respectable deep house number and doing away with some of the more inane JT lyrical “flourishes” (and not to mention the nearly pointless Jay Z “rap” part).

3. Beacon–So Anxious

Trap‘s recent love affair with 90’s R&B slow jams has left few stones unturned from that genre and Ginuwine and Aaliyah have proven to be veritable mother lodes of sonic gems. Brooklyn duo Beacon‘s take on Ginuwine’s So Anxious remains true to the earnest yearning of the original.

4. Debian Blak X Aaliyah–Chemistry

Speaking of Aaliyah, UK-based producer Debian Blak delivers an entire EP of Aaliyah remixes. Glorious confirmation that the 90s is where it is at, good music-wise (80s music party promoters, easy there with the appalled gasping and eye rolling).

5. Cassius/Outkast–Feelings For Rosa

Flight Facilities cave in and give us a mash-up. The backing track is Les Rythmes Digitales’ “My Feelings For You” and the vocals are Outkast’s “Rosa Parks.” My feelings for how awesome this is are definitely real.