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by Toni Tileva

In this weekly column, I cover songs for you to nod your head to in the EDM scene [electronic dance music, not extra dancey music, for those not in the know]. 

1. SpectraSoul–In The Mix For Mixmag

New Zealand drum’n’bass mavens SpectraSoul deliver an exclusive mix for Mixmag and it is everything you would expect from a group whose 2012 album “Delay No More” ended up in the top ten on just about every edm “best of 2012” chart and featured two hit singles, Light In The Dark and Away With Me. Liquid, soulful d’n’b flow with clean bass noir/almost garagish undertones, this mix is undoubtedly one of the best mixes of 2013 thus far.

2. DJ Throdown–Run Trizznain Mix

Serious crunk driving danger in listening to this mix while operating a motor vehicle. Proceed with caution, especially if your sensibilities are easily offended. It’s about to get graphic. If you are looking for the sonic equivalent of the ATL Twins (NSFW-ish), this would be it. One Love Massive‘s DJ Throdown delivers the most phantasmagorically decadent homage to all things hedonistic, complete with his usual turntablist flair. Think scratching, debauchery, and crunkness to the maximum. Essentially, if you are a responsible, working adult, this is your version of spring break. You can thank Throdown later.

3. Friend Within–The Cause

Friend Within is a new project by San Francisco-based producer Claude Von Stroke [real name: Barclay Crenshaw], with upcoming releases on his own label Dirtybird. “The Cause” brings some seriously fresh garage flavor, all the more refreshing as garage is usually a UK dominated genre. Tremendous track.

4. Marco Polo feat. Rakim–What’s Wrong

“What’s Wrong,” was initially produced and recorded for Rakim’s “Seventh Seal” (2009) LP, but due to sample clearance issues was dropped from the commercial release of the album. Rakim recently gave the track back to Marco, who decided to use it for his forthcoming free LP “Newport Authority 2.”Canadian hip hop producer Marco‘s debut album Port Authority was a veritable who’s who of talented MCs, including guest spots from Masta Ace, Wordsworth, Large Professor and Sadat X. The new-Port Authority should be no different.

5. Lana Del Rey–Summertime Sadness [Ryan Hemsworth Remix]

I really wish Ryan Hemsworth would end his Midas touch remix record so I can stop talking about him, but the guy can’t stop, won’t stop apparently. Here he adds some seriously bottom heavy bass [think if trap and dubstep had a very bassy baby] to Lana Del Rey’s lilting ode to summer. Temperatures rise.