Crossfade Roulette: Dance To This Sh!t
BYT at large | Dec 19, 2012 | 2:30PM |

by Rashad aka DJ Remote Ctrl of the Dance Party Chronicles

Last installment, I shared some House sh!t that I’ve been digging lately. For this one, I wanted to share a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s a relatively new genre that, if you been to a EDM festival or DJ set in the past year or two, you have probably probably caught yourself head bobbing to its heavy 808 bass and/or bouncing to its rowdy House elements.

So, let’s talk about Trap music..

To me, its a collision of the nare of Dirty South Hip-Hop stylings and sounds, with that of contemporary EDM production. For example, listen to this Trap take on Benny Benassi’s Electro House anthem, “Satisfaction,” by RL Grime:

Do you hear the Electro, Dutch, and Hard Style House sounds blended with the Southern flavors of Young Jeezy-esque Trap music? I think the emerging surge of appeal comes from the similarities in soundscape it shares with Dubstep Brostep, especially the ridiculous builds and drops.

It’s got that dirty syncopation, but with more sub-bass ”boom” rather than the “wobble” and “wub” of Dubstep. Yes, it’s absolutely rowdy and obnoxious at times, but there’s an energy and attitude that’s damn catchy and entertaining. The growing popularity and momentum of Trap is undeniable as artists like RL Grimes, Flosstradamus, and even Diplo (among other artist on his label, Mad Decent) pump out these club and festival moving bangers.

I call this genre my “guilty pleasure” because there is a fair amount of mediocre production of the stuff out there to sort through. This is an inevitable by-product of a sudden rise in popularity of any new sound. What I’m finding, though, is every now and then some non-Trap DJ will slide a Trap segment into their set that puts an “Oh Sh!t” expression on my face. Moreover, I’m intrigued that some producers have decided to grab hold the music and go next level with it. Take for example, TNGHT’s “Higher Ground”

Quality-wise, the track is a stand-out, and furthermore a credit to the genre as it has been recently voted number 18 in Resident Advisor’s Top 50 Tracks of 2012 Poll. Along with the rest of the tracks on the self-titled EP, it’s definite bar-setter for Trap music:

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a mix that takes a romp through enough Trap jams to get you well acquainted (Warning: Gangnam Style Trap remix inside):

I might get a few looks of disapproval for this post from rest of the DPC Crew, but I’ve seen them dancing to this sh!t before.  And with Trap’s growing legitimacy and quality, I’m a little less ashamed of this guilty pleasure.

Thanks for reading/listening!

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