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All words: Toni Tileva

I am making a list; I am checking it twice. I don’t really care if you have been naughty or nice; forget the coal and enjoy these sonic gems instead. In this column, we cover songs for you to nod your head to in the EDM scene [electronic dance music, not extra dancey music, for those not in the know].

1. CREEP–Call Her feat. Tricky and Alejandra De La Deheza

If the term witch house has you going “which house?” instead, fret not. Witch house is essentially neo-goth-meets-house for the recovering goth in you [I mean when was the last time calling yourself goth did not invite Daria-levels of snark!?]. CREEP are producers/DJs Lauren Flax and Lauren Dillard. Flax is an internationally-renowned house DJ and producer—one of her bigger recent hits was “You’ve Changed” with Sia on vocals. Her experience as Fischerspooner’s tour DJ clearly lends itself well to CREEP’s creepy synth-driven sensibilities. Their huge debut single You, with Nina Sky on vocals, was hypnotic, sinister, and terribly engrossing. In the breathless/breathy Call Her, trip hop purveyor extraordinary Tricky and School Of Seven Bells’ Alejandra De La Deheza tread into some xx-esque territory but the beats are classic Bristol. CREEP will creep under your skin and never leave. Expect their dripping-with-eyeliner-black flag to fly high with the release of debut album in 2013, which is the release I am most looking forward to next year. Thrilling.

2. Blu & Exile–Seasons

Soulful LA rapper is back in the cypher with long-time collaborator Exile, doing what he does best–melancholy metaphors and poetic ish.

3. Frank Ocean–Thinking About You [WMNSTUDIES Remix]

Some might call blasphemy on me, but Thinking About You has reached the point of nausea-inducing overplay. This remix smartly chops off some of more saccharine/inane lyrics and instead lays this on a nicely unfurling dubstep-esque foundation. This remix will have you rethinking the unacceptability of the original.

4. Annabel – Anamnesis (Kubix Bootleg)

Kubix is a ridiculously talented liquid drum’n’bass producer/DJ from Poland. I mean you do have to be pretty cool to name an anime song and remix it, with a non-existent corniness factor at that. This ethereal, wistful, lush, and just plain beautiful.

5. Snoop Lion–Lighters Up feat. Mike Posner

If Snoop Lion’s reggae alter-ego had you raising an eyebrow before, this one will have you raising up your lighter. A blazing track, Lighters Up showcases Snoop’s singing abilities [no, really], but the expert production of Dre Skull and Major Lazer is what really adds the dancehall spark to this irresistible tune. A scorcher of a tune worthy of lighter raising up.