Creepy As F*ck Video of the Day: The Cyber Monday Blood Pen You Can’t Buy
stephanie | Nov 26, 2012 | 4:30PM |

Happy Cyber Monday, everyone! I’m sure you’ve all found some incredible deals on some lovely presents for yourself and your loved ones, though that’s not what brought us here today. Today we feature something you didn’t buy; something you can’t buy because it’s art that isn’t for sale. Terrifying, terrifying art.

Somewhere in the deep recesses of the Internet (and artist Bob Partington‘s storage unit/workspace/torture chamber) lies a blood pen that writes from a quill attached to a syringe of your own blood.

It doesn’t work too well, so, you know, after you watch a video of Partington drawing his own blood, you can see splotches of plasma everywhere as he tries to write the Declaration of Independence. (My family is so lucky they’re not getting this for Christmas.)

H/T our Advertising and Accounts Guru Shauna Alexander, who is creepy as all hell and actually wants to own this.