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DC art duo YOUNGPAYNE are debuting a new project Friday May 16 at Pleasant Plains workshop, 6-9pm.


This is a collaborative in the sense that you can draw alongside brilliant artists with crayons and drink wine.


There is a lot more to it according to YOUNGPAYNE such as “…transient and temporary urban actions, humorous and subversive experimentations and collaborative pedagogy,” but that’s a little over my head, let me re-iterate: crayons and wine.

About the exhibit there:

IT MOST CERTAINLY IS NOT a collection of crayon drawings of notable DC arts characters.


From their press release:

In the founding of KIDZ TABLE, YOUNGPAYNE has collaborated with and on artists, such as Eames Armstrings, Pan Derkins, Amy Broden, Armandi Lopez-Bircaan, Adrian Persons, chumbawumba, Jank Claire Remick, Christina Blomick and Ryan Workday, but continues to play almost exclusively with pals Ziad Nagy & Will Houstoun, aka WillZ Hagy. These collaborative companions have joined forces with YOUNGPAYNE in works that explore collaborative communication, resulting in works such as what’s a ziad, prvrt, and untitled (tickle).

Sounds like a hoot.