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Brooklyn’s Pig Beach played host to the BBQ Ninja (Craig Verhage) this weekend for the joint’s second annual crawfish boil, and they were kind enough to invite me out for my VERY FIRST EVER EXPERIENCE EATING MUDBUGS! (They are, according to the internet, also called  crayfish, crawdads, crawlfish, crawldads, freshwater lobsters, mountain lobsters and yabbies.)

The Sunday seating (which is the one I attended) also included bonus whole smoked alligators. You truly have not lived until you’ve watched people massage smoked gator bodies with barbecue sauce and then torch ’em with a flamethrower.

I skipped out on the gator since I was too full of the aforementioned Mississippi crawfish, so let’s rewind to the moment I arrived, fortunately very starving and ready to take on ANY food challenge.

When the plates (or more accurately, gigantic trays) were put in front of me, I felt a healthy dose of joy and fear; joy because food, fear because unfamiliar. I’d forgotten to look up how to eat crawfish before I came, but fortunately was given a tutorial by a more seasoned pro. Luckily the task seemed more daunting than it actually was, and I had the hang of it in no time – you just kind of twist off the tails from the heads, suck the juice out of the head, and then peel the tails for a nice little bite o’ briny goodness which I can only describe as a cross between lobster and shrimp. FLIPPIN’ DELICIOUS! How did I go this long without experiencing it?!

In addition to crushing the entire 1lb heap of crawfish, I also ate all the potatoes, corn and sausage (or should I say boudin) which came along with them. I have to admit, it was messy AF, and I smelled like a trawler for the rest of the day despite multiple hand washes and a shower. But in my opinion, TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Now the only problem is that I think I’m permanently hooked on crawfish, which doesn’t seem like the most convenient addiction to have.

If you missed out, 1. BUMMER! but 2. Pig Beach is about to kick off the summer season in full swing, so there are plenty of rad events on the horizon, the first being a guest stint by Southern Soul BBQ ft. smoked ribs, Brunswick stew and cornbread which you can snap up this Thursday and Friday only! Stay in the loop for all the rest right here.