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All right racers, start your engines because we have entered the top FOUR! That’s right, Ladies and Ladyboys, we are one step away from crowning the next drag superstar… And I’m so glad it’s not going to be CoCo Montrese… wink!

Entering the work room post-Coco’s-elimination there seems to be a great sigh of relief that the pageant queens are no longer there (as well as their continued tired, boring bickering back and forth… I mean seriously, folks).

Our top four just happens to be the legendary RO-LASKA-TOX oh yeah, and Jinkx is there too.  Watch out, Miss Monsoon, looks like the pressure is on!

Ooh, girl. You got Shemale!

Puppets and Prancers! As the girls sashay into the work room they discuss the fact that Jinkx and Alaska have never had to lip-sync! Alaska retorts, “I would rather get through this Tyra Sanchez style!” It looks like we found out how to get to Sesame Street; these girls have got to put on a full on Bitch Fest and do it in puppet form… OOOooo girl this sounds like trouble – Let the shade begin!

Jinkx & puppet Detox
Funny, on point and she nailed the Detox voice!

Detox & puppet Alaska
Whiny, ratty hair and awkward costuming…I say it was perfect.

Roxxxy & puppet Jinkx
I like the costuming but I have to say the humor was downright rude…

Alaska & puppet Roxxxy
This is why love Alaska. Pure comedic genius 10s across the board.


Alaska clearly the winner!

Main Challenge: Sugar Ball and Frocks for All

Typical with the top four challenge, the ladies have a lot of work ahead of them! They must create a Sweet 16 look, Sugar Mama Executive Realness look and a gown made of CANDY! Looks like I’m about to become diabetic just watching this shizzz! But wait, there’s more! The ladies have to do a choreographed dance routine to open the show and you guessed it–as mini-challenge winner, Alaska is the choreographer of this routine… And let’s be real she ain’t no Alyssa Edwards!

Ru does his workroom walk-through and delivers the gals a good dose of reality, especially to miss Jinkx Monsoon. Ru also questions Detox about her passion for the Crown.

After Roxxxy’s consultation she decides to go a completely different route with her candy costume.

During the rehearsal things get stressful, sweaty and dear God Jinx has some quirky fucking facials!

Runway & Judgement

The girls were required to prepare three looks for the judges: My Sweet 16, Executive Realness, and a candy-inspired couture confection.

My Sweet 16

Roxy – Gave the judges what they wanted by incorporating candy.

Jinxx – Girl, we know you are from the Pacific Northwest, but even they have 16 year old bitches. Jinxx stands on shakey ground with her hippie girl look.

Detox – Pretty in ’80s pink.

Alaska – NAILED it with her Beverly Hills look.

Executive Realness

Roxy – Yes, hunty. Looked like a ball-breaking bad momma.

Jinxx – Eh.

Detox – Simple look in a blue blazer that worked with her crazy hair.

Alaska – EVERYTHING. She looked like Susan Powter fucked Donald Trump and had a drag queen baby. Her mannerisms were on point, and so was her look.

Candy Couture

Roxy – That spinning licorice dress may have been the best yet.

Jinxx – Girl, what, no, what, really?!

Detox – Just sit down. She looked like a piece of Wrigley gum gone wrong.

Alaska – If Bob Mackie likes the dress you made, then you are doing something right.

Alaska wins again!

Judgement and Whatnot

Being that this was the last competition before the top three, you would have thought that all of the girls would have brought their best but Jinxx seemed to have trouble with her seamstress skills and her narcolepsy. Meanwhile, Detox seemed to just not care. That landed both of them in the bottom two for what would be an epic Lip Sync For Your Life.

In a normal lip sync, I think Detox’s performance would have easily won over a lesser queen. It was good. Still, she was blown past her her number by Jinxx Monsoon – which we hadn’t yet seen lip sync this season. We didn’t know what was in store, but Jinxx’s performance was amazing. She rightly turned her comedy skills into a masterful lip sync and shantay; Jinxx stayed while Detox went home.

For Detox fans, don’t despair. She’s already proving herself to be a national queen with a huge following. And, you can catch both Detox and I at Town this Saturday.

Until the finale, xoxo,


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