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VROOM! The dolls enter the workroom post elimination to find Lineysha’s farewell message, “Latino Shade” it’s so sad to see this caliente queen go home, of all the gurls I always loved her runway looks the best! Tender moments be damned, on to the drama! It’s funny how Jinkx still isn’t getting the respect she deserves as winner (and savior) of last weeks challenge. Ro-Laska-Tox are the focus of attention in the workroom and lil Miss Monsoon is not amused!

*The Drinking Game: Every time Alyssa does one of her fish-faces in the background – DRINK!

Ooh, Girl…You’ve Got Shemale.

It’s all about giving til it hurts this week…hmmm sounds kinky! Ru comes in with todays mini-challenge, the queens have to paint in the dark and I can’t lie these bitches did a better job than I ever could! I can barely get my panties on straight in the middle of the night as I sneak out of a tricks house let alone doing my mug in the dark! Some of the ladies looked good others not so much…Detox wins the challenge and I gotta hand it to this gal she really turned it out!

Can I get an Amen?

For the main challenge the ladies are going back to the 80’s and writing/singing an original inspirational anthem, Can I Get An Amen.(..available on iTunes) As winner of the mini-challenge Detox must separate the contestants into three groups and but of coarse Ro-Laska-Tox is the first team followed by Jade-Jinkx-Ivy leaving Coco & Alyssa to be on a team together (The Shade, The Shade of it ALL!) And honey, Miss Coco is NOT having it! I smell a catfight!

Sexy lil Lucian Piane is back this season and will coaching the recording session, He is a sexy little dream boat isn’t he?! (Hmmm…I wonder if he’s a top?) Meanwhile, Detox throws a little salt on the wound when she gives Coco and Alyssa the first verse and Mama Montrese is scowling and cutting eyes at Ro-Laska-Tox! Finally Coco is fighting with someone other than Alyssa, that is a nice change of pace! During the creative process Jade and Alaska are feeling left out and for a good reason. Both are trying to contribute and their respective teams are ignoring them! RUDE!

In the recording studio with the Fine Ass MuthaF*ckn Lucian Piane, the dolls get off to a shaky start when Coco throws ‘Tude and Shade at Detox and poor Alyssa is trying to keep the peace (but sadly not a melody) Jade, Ivy & Jinkx do well in this challenge although Jade is acting timid. Ro-Laska-Tox are joking around and flubbing up the song….not good. I do want to note that as Jinkx belts out an incredible note the camera pans to Roxxxy who looks rather annoyed and in her interview chalks Jinkx up to only be a gimmick queen…sighs….oh no Roxxxy don’t be the bitch this season…we already have so many!

Back in the workroom Coco accuses Ro-Laska-Tox of ganging up on her and Detox cuts her off with a curt ” Miss Thang…If you feel that way, I’m sorry YOU feel that way cuz that’s NOT the case!” and sashays away.

1. A small shiny ornamental disk, often sewn on cloth; a spangle.
2. A gold coin of the Venetian Republic. Also called zecchino.
tr.v. se·quined, se·quin·ing, se·quins
To affix sequins to (a garment, for example).


RuPaul saunters down the runway in a silver metallic gown and flowing blonde hair to greet special guest judges the Pointer Sisters and Latoya Jackson! Along with our fabulous Guest Divas Michelle Visage and Santino Rice and in the house! Well, what are we waiting for…let’s judge these Queens!

Coco Montrese – Ohhh Very Sharon Needles!
Alyssa Edwards – Kaftan or Kaftan Adjacent?
Jade Jolie – Oh hun, you were doing so well! Why did you have to taste the rainbow?!
Ivy Winters – Glamour Shots Realness!
Jinkx Monsoon – This is actually her best runway look so far!
Roxxxy Andrews – BODY-ODY-ODY!
Alaska – We’ve seen that hair too much already! The dress was alright…
Detox- Show off your best ASSets !

Judgment and Shenanigans

Whoa Gurl, Michelle was not going easy on the children tonight! She read Jade, she read Jinkx, She read Detox and she read Alaska! Does anyone else notice that Madam Visage has some amazing facial expressions when she judges? I really think these Queens need to step up their looks! Everyone agreed that Coco was flat in the performance an her runway look was not together (Her makeup was clocked by a Pointer Sister!) Ivy Winters wins! And I have to say the gal has a set of pipes on her! Sadly lil Jade is in the bottom with Coco (who is probably the fiercest lip syncer in RPDR Herstory along side Morgan McMichaels) they battle it out to I’m So Excited by the Pointer Sisters. Jade is putting up a good fivght but sadly Coco is dancing the house down and Miss Jolie is asked to Sashay Away. I for one am going to miss this little Pixie!


Until next week!
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