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Start Yo’ Engines and let the Best Woman win …Now, this is how we should start off every Presidential debate! Hello and welcome my name is Ba’Naka and I will be your moderator for tonight’s drag festivities, political shenanigans and tom-foolery! The Ladies enter the workroom to find Willams departing message…and an imprint of his ass..classy til the end Willam. Sharon thinks Willam elimination was punk rock and bad ass while the other ladies think it was pure scandal! Phi Phi, however is just delighted to be done with the Diva and throws herself a glitter party full of glitter-snow-angels, reenactments and shaaaadddde! I am left gasping and grasping for my Absolut cocktail…Ohhhh Gurl we got She-Mail


Attenion all Tea-Baggers – you got my attention! The Mini Challenge is Absolut based with Vodka Guru, Jeffrey Moran, the dolls must decorate a pair of platform stripper pumps inspired by various Absolut cocktails (sounds like something I would do when I’m 3 sheets to the wind) Dita does a glam Marie Antoinette inspired heel that looks classy and sassy, Latrice designs for the nightlife and it looks fun and light hearted – both did a great job! Phi Phi goes a little Miami circa early 90’s with her pumps…they were …um…bright! Sharon Needles went west with her Native American inspired look (although she wishes she could find some poker chips to add to the creation) and Chad does Disco-New Years with her design though it falls a little flat in comparison. Madame O’Hara wins this and I take a swig…sorry kids, it’ so hard to cheer for her.


This Challenge was made for the DC viewer! The Queens must compete in a Political Presidential Drag Debate to prove to the judges which Drag Diva can really Frock the VOTE! A cerebral drag challenge….ut-ohhhh these dolls may be in trouble! Ru comes in with It Gets Better founder Dan Savage (Who is also a Guest judge) and offers a bit of advice for the candidates. Chad is seen playing with Afro Puff styled hair and Sharon whispers….”Put her away!” it seem Lady Chaderlla will be going the non-conventional route for tonight’s debate and you know what… I ain’t mad at her! Dan and Ru walk the floor and Mr. Savage pulls the rug out from all of the bitches! He asks Phi Phi if she is running on a socialist platform (I’m not sure Phi Phi knows what that is) and rains on Dita’s Parade…and I think it does a bit of damage to her confidence. However, Sharon & Chad stay on track and roll with Dan’s savage punches. PS Sharon enjoys being down on the poles/polls! (and really…who doesn’t).

Debate time – With Michelle Visage, Dan Savage and Rupaul moderating and asking the ladies questions, so let’s see how the ladies do:

Chad: Her Lady Pimp character started off shaky but found its ground and she stayed with it the whole time. I thought she was genius and total camp! A+ Gurl!

Dita: Oh lady…bored, bewildered, blah! She lost her footing and and just got swallowed by the rest…sadly not her best effort.

Phi Phi: Was she Sarah Palin’s Texas clone (a very loud and slow clone). Cheesy & not funny add to that the cringe worthy jokes…Yikes! (The Help really? Too Soon …too soon)

Sharon: Absolutely mutha-f*ck’n on point! She was a strong & serious yet all of her jokes landed perfectly! She reminded me of Sandra Bernhard!

: She was a strong black woman, but you could tell she lost her steam half-way through, similar to the Snatch Game, Phi Phi’s tom-foolery looked like it got on her nerves yet again.


Bitch, if RuPaul doesn’t look like a 1970’s wet dream! Retro Ru walks in and welcomes judges Santino (yes he is still here) Visage, Dan Savage & Jeffery Moran. The Dolls were asked to walk the runway in their best Inaugural Ball Gowns.

Phi Phi O’Hara: Clean & Elegant…I can’t really hate on it (I know…and it’s killing me!!!!!!)

Dita Ritz: The gown is nice sorta elegant but then she goes and cocks it up with the Christina Aguilera hair….really bitch?

Chad Michaels: The Only Queen who looks like she is ready for Pennsylvania Avenue

Latrice Royale: She looks more Michelle Visage than Michelle Obama…she missed the mark here.

Sharon Needles: Goth Glam…if it wasn’t for her explanation of it being a futuristic Inaugural Gown I would deduct points.

Judgement & Lip Sync

All of the Judges have their knifes out for Phi Phi and her Help joke, with the exception of Santino who thinks she was funny…sadly Mr. Rice you are wrong again (oh I loved the look Visage threw his way!) They loved Chad, both her performance and runway…although Michelle has a problem with her playing yet another character (what do you want from her Michelle!?) They Read Dita for Filth…and she clearly looks like she is done playing Miss Nice guy/gal. The Judges find fault with Latrice’s dress and more importantly her bra strap hanging out (tisk tisk). Sharon gets love and praise and has some great quips with the Judges especially to Mr. Absolut “I love vodka and I have responsibly enjoyed your company many a nights.” – BAM! Loves it….and I couldn’t agree more!

The Winner is Sharon Needles (damn, she is racking them up!) leaving Latrice and Dita at the bottom (although I’m not sure why Phi Phi wasn’t in the bottom rather than Latrice…but hey I’m just a drunk bitter queen…what do I know?) The two have to lip sync to “I’ve Got to Use My Imagination” by Gladys Knight & the Pips. When I say that Latrice took us all to church with her performance I mean that I was dancing clapping my hands cheering “Jesus is a Biscuit!” ! Dita gave a great hair flipping performance but could not compete with Latrice the Beast! Sadly we see Dita sashay away and Latrice stay another week.

In a surprise turn of events… Rupaul has decided to bring back an eliminated queen for next week’s challenge. Latrice wasn’t having it, exlaiming “No more hoes!”  And with that, we are all left gaging! Until next week kids…


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