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all words by: Ba’Naka
Ladies and Ladyboys get ready because this week’s episode was a doozey! Join me, Ba’Naka…your favorite local Deluded Drag Sensation as I walk you through the much anticipated Snatch Game episode. GURL, It had me hooked! I was cracking up and cringing every other moment… and that’s what I call entertainment.

We enter the workroom to find LaQueers farewell message *Which I actually don’t remember, due to the fact I spilled my cocktail on my laptop and spaz’d out…my Absolut Cocktail that is! So, from what I gathered after the tragic loss of booze is that none of these gurls felt bad the Madame was gone. With her departure this leaves Kenya as the last Puerto Rican left standing. And then we get our weekly She-Mail!


In three simple words Ru had my undivided attention: Beat The Cock… This weeks mini-challenge is centered around poultry (3 rounds with 3 different challenges. The winner of each round go on to a final round) and the prize for winning for this challenge is the much coveted Call Home. We pan to Chad who is dearly missing her man… I think we all know where this is going. For me the funniest was the final round, the lead gals that go into the final challenge were Phi Phi, Dita & Milan.

The divas have to carry eggs (tucked oh-so-gently) between their legs then zigzag around wig heads and then place/plop the egg safely into a straw crate. Like most of the eggs I was cracking up as the three raced around the obstacle course. Phi Phi proved to be the winner…her ability to keep her thighs together impressed me (this is a skill-set that I have yet to acquire)! *   In a surprise move Phi Phi gives fellow contestant, Chad Michaels, her phone call home, for once it was nice to see the softer side of Sears…um I mean Phi Phi O’Hara.

Main- Challenge

RuPaul announces the this week is the Snatch Game and the Queens go wild! The Girls talk about which Celebrities they would be impersonating and Chad gives us a little Cher 101!  Sharon announces that she will be doing Michelle Visage…”when in doubt freak em out”  Most are skeptical of Sharon’s decision, and wonder if it’s a smart move to mock one of the judges but one queen was more vocal than the rest…You guessed it, Phi Phi was the biggest Debbie Doubter of the group and makes it well known. Ru comes in and gives some well placed advice and leaves the dolls to make it work (I know wrong show… sorry ’bout it!).
As we get to the Snatch Game Set, Ru opens wearing a decadent suit (Moods of Norway- get into it!) and introduces our Celebrity Guest Judges, Ross Matthews (Chelsea Handlers best Gay) and Loretta Devine (Television and Broadway legend)! Now, before I pull a Latrice Royale and read the children for filth let’s breakdown these Impersonations.
Chad Michaels / Cher :  Amazing, funny, and very on point! Brava!
Dida Ritz / Wendy Williams : One note (to the sound of How You Doin?)
Jiggly Caliente / Snooki: Physically the look was there but she did not give it her all.
Kenya Michaels / Beyonce: Honey, Beyonce was Crazy in Love…not psychotic! – Fail
Latrice Royale / Aretha Franklin: I didn’t see a direct relation…but there was pie!
Milan / Diana Ross: Oh Grrrl…she was anything but the Boss!
Phi Phi O’Hara/ Lady Gaga: The look was on point but personality was a flop.. A for effort.
Sharon Needles/ Michelle Visage: Line of the night! “We were on uppers, downers, and candy corn,”  KILLED IT!
Willam / Jessica Simpson: From the product placement to the walking off set and leaving a cardboard cutout (as seen on Untucked) I loved it!
Now, lets read this Challenge, shall we… Take a shot…cuz here we go! Kenya made me cringe and bite my nails (and only my mother has that kind of power), I actually was yelling at the TV “Girl….Shhhhh be quiet it will be alright!”. Gaga O’Hara was just too twitchy, while Milan’s Diana Ross was just cracked out and crossed eyed. The amount of over acting and childish behavior from the bottom row, while it may have annoyed Latrice, it saved both her and Dita. If it wasn’t for Jiggly/Snookis Smooch Smooch the judges might have seen just how..um…mediocre their performances were. Sharon had great quips as Michelle Visage, she had Ru laughing which I’ll take as a good sign! Willam had great timing as Jessica Simpson (and a great vacant stare) and Cher whoops, um Chad was killer with her costume changes, wig changes (another one who had great one liners!) These three gals really stole the show in my opinion!
We get back to the workroom the next day and Latrice let’s these bitches have it!  I mean she puts on her Grandmama apron and lays down the law…and trust and believe these gurls listen! Jiggly shows good character and apologizes for her shenanigans & “romper room” behavior…and she is the only one to do so…the others look at their feet and say nothing (except Phi Phi who gives yet another stank eye…so over her!..sighs)


Blue Birds of a Feather runway together! RuPaul welcomes are judges in her fine feathered gown and I think she simply looks amaze-balls! Along with our celebrity guest judges, Ross Matthews and Loretta Devine with have the always titillating Michele Visage and Santino Rice. The ladies were asked to dress to impress so let’s break down this Runway!

  • Jiggly Caliente: …finally …she looks glamorous, good choice!
  • Chad Michaels: Fierce…This is how a Professional Drag Queen works the room!
  • Milan: When a man dresses as a woman dressing as a man it just falls flat…love the reference but thought it failed.
  • Willam: Whips & Chains excite me! (My safe word is Mongoose!)
  • Phi Phi O’Hara: You’re dressed and I’m not impressed…next
  • Dida Ritz: Best look yet…kinda loving the stuffed animal skirt!
  • Kenya Michaels: I don’t get it and I don’t think she did either.
  • Sharon Needles:  Plastic surgery realness …she is Nip’d and Tucked!
  • Latrice Royale: YES! She is being the Queen and serving Eleganza Extravaganza!

Judgment & Lipsync

As the judges breakdown the contestants we find out that Chad was consistent and spot on while the judges think Willams Jessica Simpson was empty…but in a good way. They were not a fan of Milans crossed eyed Diana Ross nor her runway look (you look like a man…Sammy Davis Jr even!)! Phi Phi also got read on her look and her Gaga impersonation, which to be fare I think she needed to be knocked down a peg right about now but again, hey, who am I (a drag queen who needs another cocktail…that’s who!)  It seems Kenya got lost in translation yet again and it’s looking pretty bleak for Team Puerto Rico.

We soon find out Chad Michaels is the winner (duh) and as Ru starts to dismiss the safe(r) girls Willam has an unexpected emotional moment. She shows sadness for the girls who will be left to duel, and says that she doesn’t have a lot of “Girl Friends” and doesn’t hang out with a lot of Drag Queens. Her last statement about sadness when sending the girls home when she wins leaves the rest of the queens (and audience) wondering if this was sincere. I actually had a chance to speak with Willam today regarding his upcoming visit to DC on March 10th where he will be performing with myself and the Ladies of Town Drag Show (Showtime 10:30pm – shameless, I know) and we discussed this moment. I asked him what was the deal, was this just editing or was he/she genuinely sad?

Willam told me that this was the first time that it set in that these girls would be leaving and that he would most likely have to say goodbye to one of them and he told me that the tears were genuine and the last comment was sorta a “Laughing to the tears” kinda moment. Personal Note… I may come off as a snarky bitchy drag queen…and I am but please don’t walk away from these weekly recaps with the idea that I have any vicious hate for these queens. Truth is I will most likely have to work with most of these gals in the near future and what I say here is meant to be funny and entertaining (and yea a little bitchy) so don’t take it too seriously…it’s DRAG!
Ok back to the Race, so we find out that it’s Milan and Kenya at the bottom and they are set up to Lipsync to one of the best drag dueling songs ever -Madonna’s Vogue! Uhhhh DRAG QUEEN GOLD! Right off the bat Milan is on her head break dancing and serving up some old school ballroom realness…and letting the children simply have it! Kenya is cute and sultry but her moves can’t compete with Milan…but I did enjoy the joint back to back death drops. The lipsync is over and Milan is victorious again. Ru gives Kenya some words to live by, “Impersonating Beyonce is not your destiny, child” and sends the Tiny Latin Diva to Sashay Away. We are left with eight queens and a remarkable snatch game… until next week!


*I interviewed Tatianna from RPDG season 2 about this week’s challenge, we dish on her favorite new Queens,Snatch Games past and present and much more!
(note that this was filmed in the dressing room of Town Danceboutique…thus the heavy club beats)

*And remember you can always catch Tatianna & myself at Town Danceboutique for the Ladies of Town Drag Show every Friday and Saturday night – 10:30pm)

XOXO Ba’Naka

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