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You might suspect you’re dealing with a real cowboy if the scrap of cloth perched on his dome is battered, worn, poked full of holes and smells like an oil spill. But it’s not a 100% Genuine Cowboy Hat unless a horse has drunk from it, or it’s been used to catch the calves squirting fearrockets when their legs are yanked back when they get branded.

Even festooned with precious Gems, it denotes protection from bad weather, and strikes terror into his enemies for they cannot see his eyes.

Not that they want to see his eyes because what lurks within is nothing but emptiness and blood lust.

They can’t conceal a basic lack of talent though.

But they can reveal what you knew all along to be someone’s true colors…black for bad:


White for Good:


Pink for…ever?


Do not taunt the hat.

Why is 10 Gallons? Because it’s long AND tall motherfucker.


Dare ya to say he can’t wear that shit.


Wear it well this Saturday at our 3rd of July America Celebration: Cowboy Camp the Pool Party. Thank ya kindly ma’am.