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all photos: Kimberly Cadena

While the general bacon/pork loving in DC is a well known and often told story but RESTAURANT 3‘s Week Of Bacon (which kicks off next week, but I figured you could use use some fasting warning time to prepare for it) takes it to a whole new (and affordable at that) level of pig worship/gluttony.


This is their third year running and upon hearing words like “bacon on a stick” and “country fried bacon” we figured we’d sacrifice our bodies (quite literally) in the name of research and go on a tasting spree there.

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The three course menu is all bacon all the time and comes with a beer pairing if so desired. We kicked things off with a nice, cold can of PORK SLAP and perused the menu.


First things first-the drinks. RESTAURANT 3 does their own bacon infused vodka and offers a couple of cocktails with it – the brunchtime friendly Bacon Bloody Mary (garnished with a nice thick slab, just because) and the Bacon Martini, which I have to admit, we didn’t try but we did smell and IT SMELLED LIKE IT TRULY MEANT BUSINESS.


After that-it was time for some “light” appetizers, which in case of BACON WEEK Menu include hand-cut bacon dusted chips with bacon specked nacho dip, bacon chicken wings, bacon on a stick (which is EXACTLY what it sounds like) and little pork belly hoe cakes-so crisp, so deadly.  In theory, we could have stopped right here but quitting is for quitters, and we’re not quitters, right? RIGHT.

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Next up: the soup and salad combo! WITH BACON! The soup broth was a little too intense for me, but the thick noodles offer a perfect comforting counter-point to it and the wedge was nice and fresh and perfectly crisp.


The main course options include: country fried bacon with mashed potatoes and bacon gravy (which is, hands down, the dish on the menu that is going to test your bacon loyalty the most) and this perfectly tender pork loin wrapped in pulled pork, wrapped in bacon, with bacon braised brussels sprouts.



And to finish things off:

Bacon Waffle with Maple Bacon Ice Cream


In good news, if your bacon feelings are more of a crush than a full-blown lust affair, the daily happy hour offers smaller plates/tastings and the aforementioned bacon drinks for the taking (plus, the restaurant does sell their in-house-cured bacon in case you wanted to test drive some of the recipes home and/or just have it with your egges. Since that’s ok too)

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