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Photos By Franz Mahr

This Wednesday is Corcoran’s Next, Best And Brightest show with Pleasure Curses, Furniteur and Chris Burns. Surrounding them will NEXT, featuring the work of the BEST & BRIGHTEST graduating students from Corcoran’s fine art programs (exhibit is open to public now through May 18th). We are excited for the event and like all three of these musical artists A LOT so we decided to ask them a few questions before the show. Furniteur and Chris Burns also participated in a photo shoot. Pleasure Curses were too busy at the salon desperately trying to look like Soft Cell.

Wednesday’s show is all about NEXT, BEST and BRIGHTEST? What’s your favorite old, OK and dull thing?

Pleasure Curses’ Evan: Stale, tough, heavy bread. Pretty dull, but it’s the only thing that I eat.

Furniteur: I found a jade polar bear necklace at my grandmother’s house. I wear it every day. It is old… but way more than ok and pretty shiny so I guess I answered 1/3rd of that question. I have a thing about wearing animals around my neck. I have a horse, a polar bear, an elephant and a condor. I am usually wearing at least three of the four on any given day. They are my spirit animals.

140414_Corcoran band preview56-71140414_Corcoran band preview56-6-Edit

L-R: Razan Khashoggi, BFA DIGITAL MEDIA DESIGN Spring Animation; Bradley Krise, BFA INTERIOR DESIGN, Space within Space Pine, latex paint, screws, and nails

Chris Burns: Kevin’s uncle lent us his Tascam 388 8 track mixing console for the Perry Place studio from the early 80s, apparently this thing was $3000 back then. My hardcore band back in high school recorded a couple of EPs on this thing and its been fun making music with it in the last week or two since I set it up. It’s some total dull nerd shit figuring out how to operate it and is completely obsolete in comparison with what most people use today.

Wednesday’s show is all about NEXT, BEST and BRIGHTEST? What makes you any/all of those three? I’ve never been next. That may be impossible.

Pleasure Curses’ Jahn: Could be bright in the sense that I’m pretty pale.

Pleasure Curses’ Evan: I wait in a lot of lines, I feel like. So I’d like to think I’m predominantly “next” in that sense.

Chris Burns: I don’t know about best and brightest, but the NEXT part of what I am doing is experimenting with making different kinds of electronic music in addition to the soulful/deep house I’ve been putting out in the last couple of years. I’m really excited about the Mysteries of the Mind release that I produced with Gavin Holland that’s dropping on our label at the end of the month. Super pumped on the the Perry Place Project, which is 80s soundtrack pop that I am making with Kevin Bayly and Brittany Sims from Furniteur. I also just mixed Mike Simonetti’s forthcoming LP on Italians Do It Better this winter and have a weirdo Brazilian percussive synthy jam I co-write with him on that album as well.

140414_Corcoran band preview56-186-Edit140414_Corcoran band preview56-187

All of you have good press photos. Can you send your worst grade school or high school photo of yourself so everyone feels better?


Pleasure Curses: Jahn (bottom left) and Evan (top right) aged 14-13 at summer camp.


Chris Burns: I looked like a total bro in the early part of college when I ran track.

Fashion: Is it more, turn to the left! or there’s a brand new dance and I don’t know its name?

Pleasure Curses: We are the goon squad and we’re coming to town…beep beep.

Furniteur: Turn to the left. That’s my good side. 😉

I love fashion, but always find that my taste far exceeds my pay grade. I have gotten really good at making something out of nothing.

140414_Corcoran band preview56-111-Edit

Sarah Gettman BFA FINE ART/MAT right here, be here. Participants, ceramic, pre-fab tent, paint, and wood

How would you describe your music to someone at a party who you know won’t like your music and you just want them to go away?

Pleasure Curses: You mean everyone we talk to? “We’re like a straight Soft Cell.”

Furniteur: EDM except the D stands for Disco.

Cats or dogs or birds because you’re a weirdo?

Pleasure Curses Jahn: A cat you can play fetch with and leave the hell alone

Pleasure Curses’ Evan: Cats are the worst.

Furniteur: Birds are too chatty, cats are too bitchy, dogs are probably too needy- BUT dogs win. Definitely.

140414_Corcoran band preview56-67-Edit

Conor Martin, BFA FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY, LIFE BACK HOME, 35mm photography

Chris Burns: Cats! There’s been talk of getting one of those massive savannah cats to keep the 80 lbs pitbull who also lives at the house company.

Macklemore. Explain.

Pleasure Curses: Is that a kind of trout?

Furniteur: If I could explain Macklemore, I would be rich and famous too. He figured out America and delivered the goods. Personally, I prefer LFO.

Chris Burns: That guy with the haircut?

140414_Corcoran band preview56-174-Edit

Mayte Valdivia Velasco, BFA FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY, El Secreto de la Flor Dorada, (The Secret of the Golden Flower), Multimedia, video projection

Who’s in your MySpace Top 8?

Pleasure Curses: New Myspace doesn’t even have a top 8 anymore does it? Think it’s just a sideways timeline.

Furniteur: This question made me sign into MySpace for the first time since college. The redesign looks pretty cool! Top 8: Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes, Band of Horses, Galactic, Vampire Weekend, Soul Rebels, Bonerama, and two friends who still have Myspace accounts. (Bonus points if you can guess which city I went to college in from my top 8).

140414_Corcoran band preview56-120-Edit-Edit

Sarah Gettman BFA FINE ART/MAT right here, be here. Participants, ceramic, pre-fab tent, paint, and wood

Chris Burns: I’m taking this off of the Disco City account that is still apparently active, but hasn’t been logged into in 5 years: ChrisBurnsDC, Glenn Echo, Party Bros. Gavin Holland, Club Shelter, Deep Sugar, Beautiful Swimmers, Svetlana Legetic.

Is your sound more Project Runway, Project Runway: Under The Gunn or America’s Next Top Model? There is no correct answer but there is a wrong answer.

Pleasure Curses: We make it work, people.

Furniteur: Project Runway! The original Tim Gunn “make it work” is classic – much like Furniteur’s sound.

Chris Burns: I am getting a banji-effect.

Who are some of your performer friends that people should know about? Think carefully, your art will be judged by your taste.

Pleasure Curses: So we don’t offend any of our friends by leaving them out, just check out this flow chart
We’ve played with most of them at this point.

Furniteur: Wilmer Wilson IV is a performance artist and photographer in DC who I had the pleasure of showing with during our Strathmore FineAIR Residency. He is extremely talented and intuitive- he blew me out of the water during our residency and has gone on to do very great things in the art world.

I am also lucky to be performing at the Corcoran show with one of my new favorite bands- Pleasure Curses. These guys are just in love with music. It’s great to be around such drive and passion. Like true gentlemen, they ran the smoke machine at my debut show so they get bonus points.

140414_Corcoran band preview56-48

I can’t leave out Chris Burns either- he will be at the Corcoran, he’s great and I am in the process of singing on some of his new tracks which I am very excited about. He’s the only person who could ask me to record “sexy street talk” and make me feel OK about it.

Chris Burns: Our roommate Jimmy who is a new DJ at Cloak Room, as well as Furniteur, who consistently ruin my Sunday evenings on the couch with their practices. The 1432 R record label that is getting ready to launch is sounding great and the new Protect-U album is wild!

140414_Corcoran band preview56-248

Gina Barton BFA DIGITAL MEDIA DESIGN A Pleasant Suspense Animation and mixed media