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We all need an excuse to have a good time, especially now. Normally, summers are so busy and full of fun you may not even be aware of Bastille Day, France’s National Day, but celebrating it this year is just what the doctor ordered (after masks and hand sanitizer), thanks to Convivial’s to-go celebratory Provencal Bastille Day picnic basket. This charming, classic French meal has all the goods for a Renoir garden-inspired picnic.

What’s in the basket?

This basket is BRIMMING with French treats. A trio of fresh salads, including a celery root remoulade (where celery root is cut into long matchsticks and then swirled in a luxurious mayonnaise dressing), a briny, sweet and bitter carrot salad, featuring shredded carrots tossed with olives and capers, and gorgeous summer cherry tomatoes, swimming in an olive oil dressing. Along with the salads comes a Provencal cade toulonnaise, which is the original socca, a nutty, crumbly French chickpea pancake. It is accompanied by two spreads – an olive tapenade, and a creamy pine nut  romesco. And it doesn’t end there: the basket also includes a pan bagnat sandwich and the most divine summer quiche made with heaps of creamy goat cheese, tomatoes and basil, all baked into a buttery, house-made crust.


What’s for dessert?

I saved the best for last. The basket includes three distinct but equally delicious desserts. First, a super rich, uber chocolatey mousse. This is the best chocolate mousse in town. You will lick the container without shame because it is so good. Second we’ve got some adorable mini almond financiers, and last but certainly not least is a vanilla infused crème caramel that is sweet and perfect.


How much does it cost?

$65, which includes more than enough food for 2 people.

How do you get one?

The basket is available for pick up on July 14th between noon and 8pm. Orders should be placed in advance on Convivial’s website.


What else do you need?

The meal can come with paper goods if you plan to eat outside and have a true picnic (which I highly recommend!), and a glass (or bottle) of champagne is essential to complete this celebratory picnic; grab some bubbly as an add-on from the restaurant.