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So, as you may have heard, there are drugs in the water.  And here at BYT we like to make playlists inspired by news stories.  This one is a bit of a stretch.  It’s a playlist to listen to while tripping your balls off.  Now I don’t think there was any psilocybin or 2C-B found, but an anti-convulsants playlist isn’t nearly as fun. All these songs are guranteed to melt your face.

454415.gif Disclaimer – BYT does not condone drug use, we think drugs are bad and they should totally be illegal for Americans to put into their own bodies, especally non-addictive mushrooms that grow naturally.  The war on drugs most certainly creates a better society for all, you know, with all that black market violence, overcrowded prison systems, unknown purities, corruption, and treating people with addiction problems as criminals.

The Beta Band – Dry The Rain
One of the greatest songs ever written, will get you so happy you’ll probably cry.

Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness
That synth line that kicks in at about 50 seconds will seriously push you through the stratosphere. Ridic.

Tim Hecker – Harmony In Blue I
This is what you do, take a break from your trip buddy, go lie down with headphones and your eyes closed and create a music video for it on the back of your lids.  Oh, and you’ll need more than just this track, the whole suite I-IV or the entire album is doable.

Yes – Starship Trooper
Decent enough for the first five and a half minutes, and then oh heavens, get your air guitar out – start strumming, keep going, it’s coming, you can feel it coming, just a little more, strum it, STRUM IT, oh shit, oh shit, here it comes, 8:30 mark, DO IT, you can and will play this fucking solo, you will hit every note perfectly, you will play air guitar for God and he will cry jasmine scented tears.

Devendra Banhart – Sight to Behold
This one is so good you might not be able to take it, I was grasping for the stop button but was too paralyzed with awe to make it, out of body experience followed.
Runner up: Seahorse – haven’t tried this one yet, think heart might explode (twice)

Fake French – El Guapo
This one is a staple, for some reason it really does the trick, the first half you’re just like what the fuck is going on then when 1:40 hits the world dissolves and you’re one with the bass line/universe. 
Runner up: Eagles Fleeing Eyries by Supersystem

The Field – Silent
This is great on headphones if you’re being driven around, or if you’re really cool, on a bullet train in a foreign country.

Caetano Veloso – Maria Bethania
Friend: My God this is so beautiful
Me: I know, I know… just wait for the nyum nyum part, totally crazy
Friend: What?
Me: You’ll see

Friend: Wow, is that me or does that really sound like that?
Me: No, it’s actually that weird.

Chromatics – In the City & Poni Hoax – Budapest
This kind of stuff is perfect, catchy and beautiful to get you going, but creepy at the same time to trip you out.

Can – Oh Yeah
Technically Future Days and Halleluhwah are better choices, but the running time is a lot to invest in.  Oh Yeah gets you the epic in only 7 min.
Runner up: Everything else Can did in the 60’s and 70’s

The Knife – Marble House (Emperor Machine Remix Edit)
What really made this one work was the fact that I had it on my ipod but hadn’t heard it yet, it came on and I didn’t look at what it was, then:
2:30 oh shit was that?
3:20 underpants soiled
Now that you know, let your trip buddy experience it like that

Mr. Bungle – Violenza Domestia
For the experienced tripper only, turn off all the lights, put this whole album in (Disco Volante), and start on either track 2 or 4 depending on how much time you want to give it.  Expect to be curled up in a ball crying in a pool of your own vomit by the end, but in a good way.

There you go, keep this around for that rainy day, and be safe.

Oh, and tied with Baraka for the best trip movie of all time, check out Koyaanisqatsi: http://www.brightestyoungthings.com/movies/qatsi-trilogy-comes-to-town/