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So often, when a comedian comes to do shows in a town, someone interviews them about it. But today, for maybe the first time, a comedian is coming to town and HE is the one doing the interviewing. And here are the questions…

Myq Kaplan: How does it feel to be the interviewee? The shoe is on the other foot! That sounds uncomfortable? Is it uncomfortable? How am I doing at asking questions? Is this too many questions in one? Thanks for taking the time.

Jenn Tisdale: Myq, I hate the sound of my own voice and now I hate the sound of my own typing. This is torturous. I do love doing stand up when I can and I do thoroughly adore karaoke. When I was younger I used to enjoy recording holiday-specific outgoing messages on my answering machine so ya know what, maybe I DON’T hate my own voice. You’re doing great. This all feels very natural and organic like I bumped into you at a supermarket, an organic supermarket. Remember, there are no too many questions, just not enough answers.

MK: What do you do besides interview comedians and get interviewed by comedians like me who is coming to perform at the DC Drafthouse June 24 and 25 for two shows each night? Do you enjoy doing the things you do? What do you enjoy doing that you’re NOT doing? And why aren’t you doing it? Go for it!

JT: The only thing anyone ever needs to know about me, and I make this very clear in the real world and online, is I love Back to the Future and my dog Lorraine Baines McFly (pictured below). Beyond that I’m just a bunch of skin and bones like the rest of us feeling intense shame for not drinking enough water. God, I hate water. It is my sworn enemy.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 11.59.50 AM

MK: What do you think is important? (In general. Or in specific. In your life or in life overall. In a certain framework or in no specific framework.)

JT: I’ll answer this in two ways


  • Serious: Lessening the stigma of mental illness in this country. Eradicating misogyny entirely! Being more kind to myself and others.
  • The Back to the Future trilogy is coming to Netflix in July. It’s absolutely imperative everyone watch all three movies again or, if you’re some sort of insane person, for the first time.


MK: When is a time that you’ve felt most like yourself? When is a time that you’ve felt least like yourself? Is feeling more or less like yourself something that you’ve thought about before? Does this question make sense?

JT: Well Myq I’m not sure I know who myself is. I’m like a little emotional chameleon who adapts to her environment as needed. If you’re fun, I’m fun! If you’re sad, I’m sad! If you’re about to go skydiving, I’m about to go skydiving! It’s exhausting but also a pretty helpful tool in terms of being around strangers. And before you ask, yes…I’m around strangers a lot.

MK: If you could go back and tell a younger you something, what would you tell them? And why? Or why not?

JT: I think I would tell younger me to skip the breast implants but for sure keep the nose job. I’d still tell me to run away to Los Angeles in 1999 but I’d insist I finish college. And at some point I’d play Johnny B. Goode at a school dance (I warned you about this BTTF obsession).

This could be me!

MK: Are there any questions I haven’t asked that you wish I would have asked? What are they? Feel free to answer them.

JT: Yes, and the answer is Jeffrey Dahmer is my favorite serial killer.

MK: After you answer my initial round of questions, may I ask a few follow-ups based on your answers?

JT: Absolutely! I’m an open Facebook.

MK: How many questions is too many questions? Is ten good? This is number eight, for reference.

JT: I say a good rule of thumb is ask as many questions as one has fingers.

MK: What do you recommend doing? In D.C. In life. In other places. In other dimensions. Other than going to the DC Drafthouse to see Myq Kaplan on June 24 and/or 25, of course.

JT: In D.C. I always recommend going to the Lincoln Memorial and taking a little nap in his lap. In another dimension I recommend going to the Q3&^&% Memorial and taking a little nap in her lap.

MK: How do you feel now, being on the other end of having answered all these questions? Congratulations and good job.

JT: I feel pretty good but maybe I tried too hard? I think that’s a standard response.