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in which we remind you that when you shell out those 20 dollars at 9.30 club, or 10 dollars at the Cat, or 12 at r’n’r hotel, you are paying to see MORE THAN just one band. And occasionally that “other band” (opening, closing and in between) is worth cutting your dinner short to see. And more.

in this installment:

ladybug transistor online

First of all we would like to say that we were bummed when we found out that Beach House cancelled their opening for Clientele but then after we found out that Ladybug Transistor replaced them, our wounds healed faster than you can say “fantastic, melodic pop”. The Ladybugs have moved on a long way since you were a teenager and they came out with Marlborough Farms, their semi-seminal mid-90s album named after their semi-seminal living headquarters in Brooklyn, where their friends met, lived and created music. Now on Merge records, and with friends including members of Architecture in Helsinki, Clientele, Calexico,Soft Machine (and more) they have put out a new EP called “Here comes the rain” that we don’ want to EVER take off our stereo.

The band faced a devastating loss this last week with San Fadyl, their drummer, passing away due to asthma complications, and this makes the upcoming show even more important (and probably heartbreaking) for them.

Be there and show the love.

and for sure listen up here

tez online

in all honesty, we are just curious to see this whole show: CocoRosie in all their acoustic/hiphop/phreak folk glory and now with this Tez, bleeping electro hip hop madness added to the mix, it promises to be a full on French-American (either) disaster zone, or something you will never forget.
Or both.
Anywhichway, way we’re curious.

jonathan rice online

Jonathan Rice has a text-book indie-it boy cred: he had a good debut EP out, got signed to a nice, good label (Reprise), recorded a good, guitar driven, songwritery record (Trouble is real), went on tour with Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley, started dating Jenny Lewis, found himself in the midst of teen-girl envy/frenzy, got some nice promo shots with our favorite Autumn de Wilde and is now on tour with Ben Gibbard (of Death Cab and Postal Service who is also bffs with Jenny).
Oh and he’s something like 12.
Following all that?
Some may call it “well connected” and we call it “good for him”.
In any case it makes for a perfect amuse-bouche before (the already sold out) Ben Gibbard shows at 930.

illinois online

Illinois is actually for Pennsylvania.
(a fact that was not lost on and discussed semi-extensively by the indie irony specialists, Pitchfork)
They caused some sincere insider industry buzz during the festival circuitry this winter/spring and they released a CD “What the hell do I know” that got them on tour with the Kooks, so they must be doing something right.
Oh, and there is a banjo.
And, who does not love a banjo?
And cooing background boy chorus vocals.
Which when combined wit a banjo is definetly a recipe for success in our book.