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in which we remind you that when you shell out those 20 dollars at 9.30 club, or 10 dollars at the Cat, or 12 at r’n’r hotel, you are paying to see MORE THAN just one band. And occasionally that “other band” (opening, closing and in between) is worth cutting your dinner short to see. And more.

in this installment:

the noisettes.online

Here is a band that people said sounds like a cross between YeaH Yeah Yeah’s and White Stripes (but more fun we say) that promises to be as amazing to look at as is to listen to. Shingai Shoniwa sings like Billie Holiday on PCP, and patrols the stage like an Amazon. Dan Smith wields his axe like being a guitar god is going out of fashion. Jamie Morrison, is a drummer so heavy with sticks and skin that you won’t notice he is more hair than man. Both shows are sold out at this point (damn all the TVontheRadio hype) but they will be back soon. WE HOPE.

die romantik.online

Die Romantik is releasing their first record this june and have been playing all over New York over the last few months (among others with the equally adorable The Postmarks). This is sophisticated, nostalgic, french-tinged pop with a solid sense of humor and self-awareness. Reviewed by many as “incerdibly tight” live, they will be the perfect breather between the madness of STYLEistics and the high energy of Le Tigre on the 21st.

english dept. online

The English Department have a look (collegiate scarves-check, argyle-check, vintage sneakers-check, blazers-check) that promises just what the sound delivers. Tight, catchy indie rock, a little tongue in cheek, a lot in between teeth. They played the DAM fest and with Lola Ray at dc9 in March and are now back from Brooklyn to support Army of me during their residency.
(also playing: Paul Michel, which should round out an amazing local love show)

margot and the nuclear so and so’s. online

Margot and the Nuclear so and so’s have no one named Margot in their band, and play more instruments amongst themselves than there are words in their name, and that is saying something. The play sweeping, almost perfectly polished, never boring sing-along-dance pop and apparently all live,eat,sleep and breathe together as one. In Indiana.

fujiya and miyagi.online

When Cale heard that Fujiya and Miyagi was added to the the PB&J show lineup on the 30th he almost died of happiness
(this upcoming show, is currently viewed by BYT as the “best show ever” which of course is an exaggeration, but only a slight one).
And this is why we are excited: F&M are dancey and smart and catchy and wierdly hypnotic. They make you want to chant “Fujiya and Miyagi” with them on repeat on “Ankle Injuries” and bob along to “Transparent things” within 10 seconds of hearing it.
Bonus points for being from Brighton, where Svetlana went to high school and Vivian Lee and Laurence Olivier summered.
watch out for our interview with them soon.