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If you’ve been on the fence about going to any of the great shows this week and next, here’s something to help you make those tough life decisions. These opening acts have caught our eyes ears.

Once upon a time, he was one half of Das Racist, but Kool A.D. has been working solo for a while now. A pretty harsh contrast to the aggressive sounds of Run the Jewels, Kool’s opening up the night with a much more laid-back, danceable flow to get you settled in. Just don’t shout out for songs about certain fast food chains pairing up.

Hunters are a force to be reckoned with, and a band you should feel ashamed of for not knowing. Every time they’ve hit DC opening for A Place to Bury Strangers, JEFF The Brotherhood and Metz, we wonder if it’s really an opening act or a double bill. Prepare to be seduced by impressive vocals, surprising balance, and a great cat and mouse dynamic.

A post-punk outfit out of Maryland, Two Inch Astronaut are doing pretty well for themselves, and we’re thrilled to see them as part of such a great line up, entering the Comet Ping Pong rite of passage. In Sasha Lord we trust, so we’ve got to trust TIA.

“Chug and jug” are both words used to describe Ed Schrader’s sound, but that kind of heavy, sludgy sound is exactly what’s required to complete this lineup. Music Beat is only phase two of this machine, and with a promise of a “visceral live experience,” they’ll be setting the bar high.

This lineup simply makes sense. In fact, this lineup could easily be switched. Mina Caputo, formerly of Life of Agony, is another musician who made waves transition from male to female in 2011, and this is quite literally the best support LJG could have on her tour. No room for negativity at this one.

Möbius Strip have just released their latest 7″, Step Down, and we didn’t have to wait long to see them at DC9 again. We’re looking forward to seeing more new material, because the next time they hit DC9, it should be as headliners.

If you’re into powerful, nearly haunting female vocals glittering an EDM/darkwave melody, this is the show for you.